Microsoft Surface Pro 12" with TypeCover

Microsoft Surface Pro 12" with TypeCover

This looks much better than the ARM-based W10S Surface-HP offered a few days back. Too bad MSFT didn’t integrate the pen into the body, looks like it hangs off the side.

FWIW, the magnet does a pretty good job of keeping the pen secured. I travel back and forth to work, and carry it around the office most of the day and haven’t had an issue with the pen falling off.

These are solid little tablet/laptops…tabtops?..laplets?
I can’t speak from experience with the chip this one has (mine has i5), but mine has been a pleasure to use for the couple years i’ve had it.


Too bad the pen isn’t included, even though it’s in some of the pictures.

I got the 256 SSD 8 RAM version for the same price last November. It might have been a lesser model otherwise but I really like it. I don’t use the pen.

I have this exact model and got it for about this price (with the Type Cover keyboard) a few years ago. I use it every single day. Awesome device.
It works really well for Office, Internet, etc. It’s a tad lightweight for TinkerCad but runs Cura Slicer just fine. I don’t play any games on it, though so I can’t comment on the use for that. The i5 models run about $200 more, my son has one he really likes.


His palms are ready, kickstand up, in the desktop setting

He’s got an email in mind RE:, grandmom’s spaghetti

He’s famished, his Microsoft Surface started up already

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Gmails open now, typecovers folding now,

The pen comes out, keys off, flip over, blaow!

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He better get groceries in the mornin to break fast again


I signed in just to click the heart on this post. Good work!

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Wow… for what they are charging, this thing should have twice as much memory, twice as much storage, and probably a faster processor. Hard pass for me.