Microsoft Surface Pro 12" with TypeCover

Microsoft Surface Pro 12" with TypeCover

OK, tell me nice and bad things about this unit. I use a Surface 3 for audio editing and in-studio voice recording. I’d like to also throw on some photo editing apps, my web page program and Libre Office and that’s about it.

Does Dell make something that competes?

What about this?

In their product description Woot wrote: “On the Surface, an elegant work of art… that you’ll just use for doodling, Reddit, and general sinning, you sinner.” Who writes this stuff? In particular, “and general sinning, you sinner.” Is Woot encouraging us to sin with this laptop? What is the goal with this statement? I would not buy this from Woot because of this. I think you have to take a stand at some point and not go with the flow just to make a sale. The idea that Woot is encouraging is for the user to use this laptop for all of their sinful needs…whatever that may be. While the statement is not wrong, it is certainly not the avenue I would have pursued in their sales campaign. Try again Woot!

I’d replace “sinning” with “wasting time.” But I have a used $80 Asus running Linux Mint for my time-wasting activities. i make part of my living off my Surface 3 and am wondering if $600 is a decent price for a bigger screen, faster chip, etc. And what is the direct competition.

The MS deal (same price) shows this model with Windows 10 HOME, not PRO as shown here. Woot, are you SURE these come with PRO?

Bad things:
4GB ram
Small SSD
Slow CPU
This is a GREAT for internet surfing and webmail but not a lot else. Need more ram and power.

But if I am making a living (in part) with an S3 and am not a gamer, I would think this is a step up, right? I am not doing high end graphics or leaving a dozen tabs open.

What would be the “not much else” that you feel would not work well?

Bah, ignore people that say things like “not a lot else”. It’s as if they know exactly what everyone else does with a computer.

I’m considering buying this to replace my Thinkpad Helix (with 4GB RAM and 128GB hard drive). I use that in my shop daily to print shipping labels, run Photoshop and Illustrator, run Cura for my 3D printers, and run Lightburn to control my laser engraver. 128GB is more than enough because I’m not downloading videos and installing games. 4GB RAM is enough because I’m not trying to run Battlefield V.

My main concern would be the m3 processor. They’re definitely made for cooler running and better battery life, not so much for performance. Although it would probably be better than the Atom processor in a Surface 3.

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What’s the specs on your current Surface 3?

Here’s some info on the CPU in here. Intel Core m3-7Y30 Lower-Mid-Range Power-Efficient CPU – Laptop Processors

According to that page, the CPU here scores double the Surface 3’s CPU in one benchmark. Sounds like it’ll be an upgrade.

I’m sure you already know, for $600 the surface doesn’t offer the best performance per dollar. You’re paying a little extra for the excellent form factor and screen. For example this HP from Costco is $500 and doubles the performance again in that benchmark. However, I love the Surface and I think it’s worth it for the size and convenience of this design.

I hope this helps!

Good advice, thanks! Just today the S3 docking station stopped connecting with the headphone connection so I can’t plug headphones in the dock (the jack in the S3 is covered by the dock). But the docks are now (new) under $20 with free shipping on ye olde bay.

Still wondering if the W/10 is really Pro? MS says it is “Home.”