Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12" Intel Tablets

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12" Intel Tablets
Price: $1199.99 - 1399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jan 21 to Monday, Jan 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn about the i5 and the i7 processors

This is the worst woot ever. Amazon prime has it for cheaper

Yeah I wondered. $100 off? I think my student discount is better than that!

I see the i5 256GB for $1249, and the i7 for $1500, care to provide links for the cheaper Surface Pro version 3s?

This is about $100 off of the i5, and $150 off the i7, not great, but not horrible for a brand new system. I’d expect a deeper price cut if refurbished, but they’re new.

No they don’t. The core i5 is $1250 and the i7 is $1500 at Amazon.

Pretty much the same price as the MS employee store, though.

Microsoft Store has $129.90 off of i5 for students, and $154.90 off for the i7. I always thought Woot was where the deals are…

I am a Microsoft employee, so you’ll probably want to take my comments with a grain of salt. I have the Core i5 model for work and I have been occasionally frustrated by the combination of it with the 32-bit version of Office - there’s not quite enough oomph to crunch intensive Power Query/Power BI workbooks using that combination. I have a Core i7 model for personal use and Photoshop runs like a champ on it. Plus, once calibrated, the display is very accurate with a nice wide gamut. I use the type keyboard and it works very well about 98% of the time but the 2% when it’s flaky has me wondering about my typing skills until I remember and say, “Oh yeah, sometimes the keyboard lags my keystrokes for a short time.” The form factor, durability, and battery life on both models has been excellent. I’ve grown accustomed to the thinness of the device and now most other devices feel chunky and unwieldy to me by contrast. Some earlier comments about pricing on Amazon are incorrect - this is a good price for these models/configurations and this is effectively equivalent to employee pricing.

True, all are lower than the typical retail price. Their “List Price” this time is way off base.

I want to say the Costco bundle is better than this woot, but I’m not at Costco right now to verify. Do you really only get 10% off as an employee?

Is there fanless? And how heavy it is (spec said 1.75oz, that is impossible…)? And is it possible to replace win8 with win7 on this (sorry, win8 is the worst os I have ever used, and it is a deal breaker if it has to stick with win8…)? Thanks.

THIS! Woot I love you guys but you know you can’t just make up retail price right? That’s embarrassing…

Don’t know for sure, but does this mean that MS’ expectations for how many they would sell for the holidays is far greater than what they actually sold? IE they’re not selling like hot cakes. While this is the same price that it was on for during their black friday sales, it is not enticing me in any way. I would like to get one, already have a vaio, to have something more portable, but at only 6.4% off, this is by no means a sale price. And just to further explain it, 1399 + 5(shipping) vs the 1500 for Amazon Prime, doesn’t really cut it for me. I’ll hold out since I don’t really need one.

You’d likely run into problems finding all the drivers for the hardware for 7, and I wouldn’t count on it working. The Surface is designed with Win 8 in mind, and 8.1 fixes most of the major problems with 8 (this would have 8.1)

It’s not fanless, it’s about 1.5 lbs and no, you can’t replace the OS. Windows 8 is just fine.

Spec weight is fixed. Thanks.

Agreed. These prices are the same prices that were available on Black Friday.

I got the i5 one for a family member then to replace an old laptop and they love it after they got used to Windows 8. The keyboard looks like it won’t be good to type on, but it actually works well and as far as laptop keyboards go, only the old Lenovo/IBM ones beat it imo. The specs are on par with a good $700 laptop (the i5) so you are really paying for the light weight, touch screen and battery life, but it actually is worth all of that. My only ‘complaint’ would be the integrated graphics since a dedicated card would really make these a good computer, however that would add to the size and weight needed for cooling as well as kill the battery life.

Another thing to consider for the overall price is sales tax. Depending on where you live, you may save more with certain retailers that don’t charge sales tax in your state (I’m looking at you, Tigerdirect) then a straight up $100 discount.

Of course, if you do this then you should then pay use tax on it etc etc…