Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet Bundle

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet Bundle

Not sure if this is a good deal or not. Found a couple similar on mothership a bit cheaper (and with cheaper square trade option).

[Mod: ours includes the Type cover and pen. Yours do not]

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The susan sarandon comment took me a while to get.

Damn it, Woot. I love you!

I see you shiver with antici…



Of course just yesterday on Woot I bought the same Surface with half the HD and half the memory for $35 less :frowning:

I bought this several weks ago. Computer fine. 3rd party pen would not sync up with computer. Bought MS pen elsewhere. Wife happy now.

Ordered a couple of weeks ago through woot and like this a lot, a nice tablet computer for the money. after many years with a 17" laptop it’s actually seeing a lot of use as a tablet. comes with third party pen which is meh, and the third party charger is already breaking at the tablet connector. woot rectified

As previously noted, the Pen is a knockoff - so budget another $75-100 to replace that.

the pen is compatible with the surface, so why another 75 -100
i bought this last deal, i had no issue with the pen.
By far the best deal online

I wonder how fast is it in comparison the chrombook slate? I just tried one at a store yesterday and it was super fast in opening YouTube and loading up a video