Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3" 256G Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3" 256G Tablet

This is a pretty high end build. But, keep in mind that we are now on the Surface Pro 7. I have this device (except 8 Gb RAM rather than 16 Gb) and bought mine in summer of 2016 - about 4 years ago. I have the keyboard and use it as my primary work device. BUT…on a full battery, I can Zoom only for about 40 min before it shuts down hard - no warning, The battery is super weak and replacement is quite difficult/expensive. SO…the question is…does refurbishment include a new battery?

Similar here. I have the i5 version, purchased new at the end of their commercial cycle, so mine is right about four years old. Google hangouts gives me ~1:15hr on a full charge. Just for web surfing etc. I get about 2:30hrs, maybe 3? But I don’t use sound, or have a lot of the ancillary stuff on.
I do love this computer though, build quality is super high, it it s solid machine.
Not sure about this price though, I bought mine from Costco for $749 w/keyboard and pen. Again, I have the i5 with 128gb SSD, 4gb RAM, so not exactly apples to apples.

As an aside, my cat chewed through the power cord so I bought a couple of cheap chargers to replace it. They’re fine, but if using the computer while plugged in the trackpad sometimes goes all wonky. Reviews stated this for all the non OEM ones I looked at, so it’s not just me. If i use a dongled or bluetooth mouse it’s fine though.

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Yeah, I have this exact same one, and like it, but the battery isn’t good, so I only use it as a mobile desktop (when I’ll have access to power). It’s a decent computer, but, given my use of it, I wish I had just gone with a more traditional laptop setup. The one big limitation I would warn people about is it’s a single USB A port. No C, no second port. It does have a micro SD slot, which I use as a second hard drive, and I use a Bluetooth mouse, so it doesn’t hinder me too much, but it’s worth noting. Otherwise, I run the Adobe suite on this and can even do some gaming with no problem. I’d rate it a pretty strong computer at this price, as long as you know what you’re getting.

Oh, one other note about the battery: A lot of these have really bad battery bleed. I.e., shut it out, and in a few days the battery will be completely dead, even thought it’s been off. So a warning there, too.

Oh, and I’ll note that this was $2k new when released, for reference to the discount.

While this is a well set up Surface 4, research on audio production with one led to a lot of overheating complaints from the folks with 16gb ram and i7 cpus. If you are going to get one, probably best to invest in extra cooling.

If I hadn’t just bought something similar, I’d probably be considering this deal.