Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12" i5 Bundle

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12" i5 Bundle

This is cheaper on amazon 425.77

Also it is a 4 year old laptop

[Mod: that one does not include the keyboard cover]

Dude, that is only for the surface. Woot is selling a bundle. Apples and oranges, I know it is early in the morning. Have you priced 4 year old Macbooks lately?

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This is one heck of a deal for those that live portably and can live with 128G of main storage. The Surface Pro 4 has a micro SD card slot you can use for extra storage.

First, this is new. Second, it comes with a new Type Cover, normally $120 or so. The pen is not a high value item for most folks, but Microsoft charges about $40 for it. Third, I use mine every single day and it has lasted for almost 4 years. Mine is an M3 processor, not the faster i5 this has. The main difference aside from performance is that the i5 model has a fan and mine is fan free and totally silent.

Would more RAM be beneficial? Sure, but for everyday office and communications use, 4G works really well for me.

Seriously considering buying one of these…

Just read thru the Amazon reviews, and I need to ask the mods: is this new or refurbished? If you think it’s new and I get a refurb, can I return it for a full refund?


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I have the SP 3 that is still going strong. I use it primarily to view photos while traveling. The screen is gorgeous. It handles simple Photoshop edits with no trouble.

@jdwdigital, are you a mod? Not to be rude, but I can (and did) read the description. However when I read the Amazon comments from the ratings link provided in this listing, a large percentage of the 25% 1-star reviews were pissed off that they received a refurbished unit from Amazon when they were expecting a new one. I would like to know…

Mods, will I be able to return this if it turns out to be anything but new?

These are guaranteed to be new, factory sealed units.

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Nope. Not a mod (not Woot Staff either). But, the listing clearly states that it is NEW. So, if you did receive it and it turns out to be a refurb, you have every right to return it – don’t ya think?

I checked out the ASIN review link and yes there are complaints of receiving used / refurb units. Keep in mind that Amazon quite often “aggregates” reviews for a product. Meaning there are going to be product reviews that are not specific to a particular listing.


@jdwdigital, just needed to read the word “guaranteed” from a mod. Having a right to return something starts with a statement of guarantee from someone that can make one.

Let’s hope the aggregated reviews are the reason for high rate of one-stars. I just bought one of these!

How much of the 128 GB storage is actually available when you boot it up for the first time? Can you replace the SSD with a larger one? And what’s the battery life like?

I’d like a lighter laptop/tablet for travelling, but this is $10 more than the refurb HP Core i7 laptop that Woot is also selling today, so I want to make sure it will work better in other respects.

Thanks for any help.

@Pony99CA - IIRC, about 100G or so.
No, you cannot upgrade the SSD. You can add a 128G microSD card to provide extra storage. I use mine for Downloads, movies, music, etc. Cannot use that microSD space for Windows files, Dropbox, etc.
Battery life is dependent on what I am doing, but 3-5 hours is typical for me.
You cannot really do better for travel than the Surface Pro in my opinion. Excellent battery life, thin, lightweight, fast charging, great screen. I never use the touchscreen, so I disabled it on mine. The kickstand takes a bit of getting used to, but I think it’s easily the best combination of laptop and tablet. You REALLY need the Type Cover to enjoy the Surface Pro. I carry a BT mouse but rarely use it.
The drawback that I feel is the most annoying is the single USB port. A second would be very handy.