Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 256GB Tablet Bundle

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 256GB Tablet Bundle

It’s 4 generations old (the 7+ is out now). Good specs, decent bundle of accessories though.

Worth considering if you were looking for this type of device.


Just the dock and keyboard are about $250. Pretty decent deal. Replacing my i3 surface 4 with this one.

Under the “features” tab- they are referencing the wrong model " Light and** **powerful
Surface Pro 4 is engineered to give you the power and performance you need in a laptop, with an Intel Core m3 processor and 128GB of lightning fast SSD for all your programs, photos and music."

Thank you! We’ll get that fixed.

The surface pro 4 in particular had a known glitch that made the screen shake. It was so bad that it has a name, Flickergate. I just put mine out to pasture last fall because I couldn’t take it anymore, even though that was the only thing wrong with it. Just fair warning to anyone considering this.

My surface 4 NEVER had that problem. In fact I’d never heard of that before.

now it says “Intel core it processor” . Whouldn’t that be i5?

I’m not suggesting it happened to all of them, just way too many of them.

Apparently Flickergate is real, though I have owned two Surface Pro 4’s over the last 4 years and have not experienced it. If I could justify the expenditure, I would buy one of these from Woot in an instant, as these have 2X the storage and 2X the RAM of my two devices.