Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Pro | Digital Download

Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Pro | Digital Download

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• Genuine Microsoft OEM license key

These generally cannot be transferred to another computer once they have been used, but are a good way to get a fully licensed version of Windows if you plan to keep the same hardware for a while…

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You can get both OEM and retail (transferable) from here.

Is it sketchy? Maybe. But they are ~5% of woot’s price and I’ve seen nothing to indicate that woot’s are any more legit.

Seeing that folks flagged it, which I get. But there is a lot of success shared here.

That site might work, and if you need it at that price why not try. But I’d use a marketplace like Kinguin or G2A where you can actually see the reviews of the vendor you’re buying from. Big sellers will usually replace keys if anything goes wrong, and the sites themselves offer buy protection. Bought a key on Kinguin in 2016, still running with no issues. Also bought one on G2A around 2018, same thing.

(They go for 20-30$ on these sites)

Yeah I hear you. If it’s too good to be true, right?

I actually learned of from this, with tons of folks sharing success…

Well here is my fun experience. I bought the Windows 10 package here. They sent me the key and the link for Windows 11 download. I wrote Woot CS and asked for the Windows 10 link and they cancelled my order and said they are refunding me 3 to 5 days. S! I guess take what Woot gives you and stfu.

I’m sorry about that. Let me reach out to CS.