Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Spanish

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Spanish

I expect this is bogus (again) as I’ve ordered this repeatedly but never receive it.

Two other times that this item was listed for sale and I tried to buy it… all failures. The first time back in June I received Windows 10 Home, the english version. I contacted support, returned it and was shipped Windows 10 Home again, a second time. Support then said, “Sorry, our mistake but we’re all out of 10 Pro, Spanish now. You can keep Home if you’d like and we’ll refund $15 or you can return it for a full refund.”

I then saw it for sale again a 2nd time back in August and tried to order it. Again received Windows 10 Home, English. Contacted support. Apologies again, I returned it, they gave me a $10 coupon, said they’d make sure it wasn’t listed again and yet here we are.

Seriously seems like a crappy way to offload Windows 10 Home by convincing people they’re getting a deal on Pro and then “mistakenly” shipping them the wrong item. Prove me wrong Woot… ship me a Windows 10 Pro, Spanish. Fourth times a charm??

Sooooooooooooooo, these happened to be in the Dallas warehouse so I pinged someone to check the actual boxes. They were HOME. BUT, the fun part is that one of our systems said it was Home and another system said it was Spanish. We’re fixing that issue so we should be good going forward now.

Thanks for the post that pushed me to look into it further.

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