Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

Is this the full version or an upgrade?

Those of us that are trying to upgrade a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 machine can still do it for free. I did this on several aging laptops a little while ago. You can find the info all over but here is a sample article.


Thanks for the info but I need the full version for a MAC laptop.

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I looked at the sale, they don’t make it very clear if this is a full version. Maybe @ThunderThighs or @davejlives or @manlapig can ask somebody.

Windows 10 does not run on a mac. Are you thinking of office maybe.

This is not correct. Windows 10 can run on a Mac.


Win 10 does indeed run on a MAC with Bootcamp. It creates a dual OS system. But it requires a full version.


What are the MS part numbers? That would make it clear.

Unless this is a screaming deal, I suspect it’s upgrade versions. The OEM Windows 10 full version runs about $140.

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Agreed, I just upgraded several PC’s with valid win 7 product keys to win 10. Basically, I reloaded the win 7 OS on each updated them to service pack 1 and then updated to win 10 full install. Worked like a charm, not sure if there is a way to load it on a mac without full license version though. Can you load win 7 or win 8x on a mac and upgrade a full install that way?

I actually did clean installs on freshly duke-nuked or brand new hard drives. I just used the old version valid Windows keys. I used the Win10 install thing from Microsoft to make a USB installer.

This is true. I just did this a couple of weeks ago on my wife’s aging Samsung laptop. Just download the Windows Media Creation kit, install and run it directly on the pc you want to upgrade. My wife’s lappy was running 8.1 Pro and it successfully upgraded to Win 10 Pro in about 3 hours.
Be patient, depending on your pc it may take some time, but just leave it alone and it will do its thing. I can’t count the number of reboots that it took while upgrading, TONS!!!, but eventually it finished with no problems whatsoever.

Oh well, it’s a moot point now. The eBay resellers got all the USB versions. I’m not going to spend $100 on the chance it is a usable version. Thanks @ThunderThighs, @davejlives, or @manlapig for the fast and timely reply. Maybe if WOOT! had included a part number in the specs we could have figured it out by ourselves.


More like if They even listed it properly, they advertise 49.99- 99.99 and dont even give the 49.99 option longer than 1 hour 50 mins? really ran out that fast?

Just hunting to sell those CDs arent ya Amazon?

Scoundrels in charge of listing should know better than to bait people & not back it up with more bait

Would have liked a USB version, too. :slightly_frowning_face:

I can just imagine what’s on those eBay USBs. Good luck when your identity is being used by Chinese hackers

I can also run on a Virtual Machine on a Mac

$99 is the Windows 10 Pro upgrade cost. Unless its coming from an Unauthorized dealer, most likely its just an Upgrade. Just be warned.

The comments are pointing out that it’s the UK version. So a lot of people are going to be in for nasty surprises. Woot is going to be hearing back from a lot of people for refunds most likely.

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This is useful if you have Windows home version or the older previous versions. Yes you can do the upgrade for free on the website listed here, but you can’t go to professional from home without this upgrade package.