Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

UK version? Does that mean it will only work if you have your mouse on the left side of your desk or something? :grin:


Yes, this is true. I had a machine with “Windows 7 Home Premium” and using the free upgrade from Microsoft gave me a Win10 Home version machine.

Haha, “90 day Woot Warranty”. What would it look like, triggering that warranty? Virus attack? Corrupted driver? Failed update?

All you need is the key. then download your own copy to USB from Microsoft using the media creation tool. It will be more updated anyway.

Your upset that Woot sold out of something early? That’s the whole point of the site. Based on it making it almost 2 hours they had to have a pretty big quantity.

Still don’t see any responses whether this is a full version or upgrade, or retail or OEM.

Retail versions let you reinstall it on other hardware if you upgrade or if the hardware fails - in other words, the license is for the person rather than for the hardware. OEM versions are tied to the hardware - you can only (legally) reinstall it on the same hardware.

Just buy a key on kinguin for 20-30$. Save yourself a ton of money.

[MOD: Is Kinguin Legit. ]

I think this is a stupid sale regardless…

Yeah, if this is the “upgrade” of Pro over Home, then this is no deal at all. That upgrade is $99 anyway. And you don’t need to do it from an installer. You can do it right from the Microsoft store and it only takes a few minutes. Doesn’t even require a reinstall of Windows, it just changes some bits on your existing install so it’s now recognized as Pro.

If it’s the full version, then the price is a good deal but as someone else mentioned, why sell a physical device at all? Just sell the license key and we can download the install from Microsoft.

The warranty would be on the physical device, if the USB drive or DVD-ROM were unreadable for some reason.

Just followed the Bootcamp instructions, and followed the link, to the ISO, and made a Win 10 partition. It’s a dual boot MBA I bought here for my nephew in high school. As far as I know, it works.

I actually wouldn’t mind the disc version since I still put a CD drive in my builds, but the licensing sounds like a hassle and I would be “paying” for it either way, so pass for me.


Like most things on Clearance, these are an item from Amazon so we don’t have eyes on the prize. However, everything we see says it should be the full version.

If you’re unhappy with it when you receive it, contact Woot Customer Service to return it.

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Close! It’s most probably would be missing key components and has software setup to meet the laws in the UK/EU and isn’t valid (or supposed) to be sold in the US. Granted, the “Pro” version might be slightly different with localization but features being available. But on my MCSA we had questions on browsers and such being missing/different due to restrictions.
Also, either way, you can expect many, MANY, gigs worth of downloads for updates. I also would agree with others, since this isn’t something vetted and something just picked from Clearance on Amazon? This is probably better to just skip. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a full system install/reinstall/update if the key turns out invalid or the software turns out invalid for your area.

Looking for advice on updating to 10. I, too, found the “how-to-geek” article, and tried to update an aging Samsung running Windows 7. All windows updates were current, all anti-virus software shut off, could not download the “media creation tool”. Tried multiple times over several months. No luck.
I had an IT friend download the media creation tool to a thumb drive, and boot my computer from that to install 10 - it will not accept my product code as valid.
I have 3 legit product code numbers - my original number that came with my computer, an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, and a brand new, never used 8.1. Multiple attempts trying all numbers, and no go. I finally gave up and bought a new computer (great deal here on Woot) - but it’s now become personal… I’m determined to figure out how to upgrade my old Samsung.
Thoughts from anyone?

use a program to extract the code from your computer (you never know if it’s the same one you think it is). Then use that code