Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000

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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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That’s an odd keyboard. Looks kind of cool though.

really hope they dont have 6000 of these

It’s not over 9000, so I’m not in. :frowning:


the hits keep coming

Product website

three and a half stars on Amazon.

wow, this is my first woot-off. Normally, do this many turds float to the top of the bowl??

Hey, if you are really bored, remember you can play Crapshoot! still leftover from April Fools.

Don’t forget the Konami code on the start screen.



You can get a refurb on Amazon for about $1 more (Price+shipping) and I am pretty sure if you buy it from Amazon, it will arrive quicker.

what , no mouse?

“they’re going to take it in back and hope it up to a machine with a KEYBOARD.”

The Apple Store uses the power of hope to fix all their merchandise.

Hope it up? Sounds pleasantly optimistic.

Dude, it was much better two years ago when I joined. It’s nearly my 2 year anniversary! I am highly disappointed these days. I only come on here to hang out with the other geeky losers.

About 99% are turds. It depends on what you are looking for. I only buy a few items during woot offs and at least one or two of them I don’t need. I just buy them to help make things move faster.

Is this compatible with Skype?