Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000



Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000, for $27.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000 Keyboard and Mouse - 69C-00001

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Why don’t these keyboards ever say how far the range is?


Microsoft = Evil


I have one of these and it’s horrible. The range on the receiver is terrible and looses connection with the mouse and keyboard constantly. I’ve read both good and bad reviews, but my experience is that this is a complete POS.


We got this model for my mother-in-law. Bought it from Costco and sorry, don’t remember what we paid. She loves it and says it awesome to have a wireless mouse and keyboard. we have a Logitech wave and I love being wireless.

#7 price is almost $50 for new $39.99 + shipping from


I have one of these and the range isn’t too great. When I first got it I had a few problems, every once in a while, with it losing its signal. After a couple weeks of that, though, the problems stopped and I haven’t had a problem since. In my personal opinion I would recommend it to a friend if they could get a deal on it like this, but not for the full price.


I just bought this from woot last week and it was DOA(Dead On Arrival). Stupid refurbished microsoft.


Notice how nobody from Washington has bought one of these.


spend the extra money on logitech…
i own the wireless desktop wave, and man. this thing has incredible range! ive gone as far as 25 feet, downstairs through 3 rooms before it starts to cut out

also, check out the logitech s 510’s those are very good as well (though not as good as the wave)


I have the “Wireless Optical Desktop 3000” from Microsoft and I have never had any connectivity issues with it. I’ve read the reviews saying it disconnects at close range, but its never happened to me. Granted I use it about 12 inches from the receiver.


What are all of the extra buttons on the left and top for? Sorry, my eyesite isn’t too good.


The LOS range on these things is horrible.


if you play games, do not get wireless. especially a laser mouse


I thought this was new at first and was thinking about getting it. But refurbished (used) keyboards and mice are icky.


Same here at first - I thought maybe the batteries I had were not new enough (even though I took them out a working optical wireless mouse.) I put brand new batteries in. No red LED light up - nothing. Put the used batteries back in. Nothing. Put the new batteries back in - bizarrely - it started working. I guess maybe I noobed up putting in the batteries - but my “lead desktop support technician” couldn’t get them working before I tried - so I don’t think so. I dunno - they are working fine now - we’ll see.


I don’t know but i think it looks pretty cool. But I don’t really know. I would get one if i didn’t have a really nice expensive logitech already. But the music buttons on the top and the side buttons are REALLY handy. I don’t know if you can program them or how well they work on this one but on mine they are REALLY usefull.


I had a wireless microsoft keyboard desktop and it was AMAZING. I loved it. I had to retire it though, because my new pc’s motherboard didn’t support PS2 connectors… I would get this if I knew that it only had usb connectors with the receiver? I see one USB connector in the picture, but I’m not sure about the other one… (my old wireless receiver had one usb and the other ps2 - so I could no longer use the keyboard on my new pc)


If only they came up with some sort of mouse that you didn’t have to keep replacing the batteries in!

Oh yeah, regular mice. Do people really have to go all the way across the room with their keyboard and mouse?