Microsoft Wireless Mouse 6000



I have this in black. It is a great mouse and I bought mine for around $29.99 so this is a fantastic deal.

The only problem I have is with the side buttons. They are programmed to go back (and forward) with internet browsers. They can be very annoying if you press them by accident and the page you were trying to look at suddenly changes.


You can change that setting to something else if you want via Control Panel. I like the forward/backward buttons and use them all the time.


Is this a mini mouse or a regular sized mouse?


Good point.

It is a regular sized mouse. Fits my hand perfectly.

Just looked at Amazon and it is selling for $24.25. So this is a fantastic deal and the bluetrack technology is great. You really can use it on almost any surface. It doesn’t work on glass. I have tried every surface I can think of too.


I see that is mobile mouse. Not what I was looking for.


It is a mobile mouse:

Dimensions: 3.84” L x 2.39” W


with heavy use, the rubber on the wheel will disintegrate in a sludgy mess. also the rubber grips on the sides will do the same. and no, I work at home and don’t have acid on my fingers. otherwise it’s a fine mouse. beware of mild wifi interference. with everyday use, the battery life is less than a month, even turning it off when I walk away from the laptop. otherwise it’s a fine mouse.


anyone want to talk me into buying one? my current trackball is having issues and I need to replace it.


I bought the exact same mouse on Sellout woot on 4/16/2012 for $17.99 and it worked for 1 week before the dongle overheated and stopped working. I sent it in to Microsoft since the dongle has a 3 year warranty. Still haven’t heard anything or gotten a new mouse back from them yet. Not sure if it’s a rare occurrence or if many people are having this problem with the 6000 mice.


time for 1 tonight.
If it’s on sellout, probably means you can find previous woot:
Wootoff May 22, for $3 more at $12.99

and sellout woot April 16 for same $12.99 (comments from before the woot 2.0 are unavailable)

and find comments elsewhere, like Staples: 388, yes 388 reviews

Without ever using it, and I personally prefer trackballs whenever I have deskspace:
Cons: transmitter may overheat, good luck with customer support. THIS is probably the number one complaint I’ve seen.

Rubber can wear down (see above as an example)
Buttons may not be in best place to reach for some
The spin wheel that truly spins, rather than clicks, drives some people batty.
The range might be only 5-6’
The battery life is not good, although only needs AA battery, worst complaint 1 week if not taking out USB receiver when not in use, less than a month complaint note above, use the proverbial YMMV.
{Edit: I took one more quick look at battery life complaints and general comments at Staples. It may be more a YMMV since some said the battery life is good. Good night.}
It’s a mobile mouse.
You could always get a lemon.

Pros: practically everything else, and if you buy 3 (no, Ms. Thighness didn’t put me up to say that), think about it as 3 mice for $35 with tax, I think the overheating possibility (and not everyone has this problem, obviously) is the one thing that’s holding me back right now. Tomorrow/today, I’ll either buy 0 or 3.

Good night. Exhausted, back to work.


I love my Woot Microsoft wireless mobile 4000 mouse however I don’t think that love affair extends to the 6000. I almost never remember to turn it off. Battery life is everything and it sounds like the 6000 is sadly lacking.


Looks like a great mouse, and I would buy it, if I didn’t just grab the Razer Deathadder on the last Woot-Off. Plus, I have a Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 already.

As for a wireless mouse, I’m just using my “mini” mouse, Logitech M315. Looks great, since my Logitech M315 was $15, and it was already half-off.

I really like the rubber grip I see in the photos. Maybe I should get the mouse. Then again, I’ll wait till my current ones wear out.


Hulk told Loki “This is a puny mouse”.


Maybe because you are… Toxik, man.


Not enough many buttons, 6 buttons is my absolute lowest #.


Don’t see where this is such a s**t hot deal. I see 'em at Sam’s Club for that price all the time plus no shipping.

Good little mouse. Place to stow the transmitter on underside of mouse and it automatically shuts down mouse. Good buy for laptop.


I’d get one, but using a mouse on top of my laptop’s touchpad is a bit redundant…


I have this mouse. The size is, “compact.” I prefer using this mouse over mini-mice I’ve purchased in the past.


I’ve always wanted a PURPLE mouse!!!