Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse with Tilt Wheel


Welcome to the Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Lifetime Supply of Batteries topic for Thursday, December 2nd, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Microsoft Wireless Mouse here…



more powerbricks eh? how bout a woot of 10 of those or sumthin

270 batts lol

wheres the [color=blue:fc5d90ddb6][size=24:fc5d90ddb6]BLUETOOTH[/size:fc5d90ddb6][/color]?


[size=24:7940e03606]Not so woot.[/size:7940e03606]

You can get a Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer (has right-handed contour and back/forward buttons) in faux-leather for $22.61 + shipping @ That is more than Woot, but you get the right-handed contour, faux-leather, and back/forward buttons. Plus, the price is regular price, so you can buy it whenever you want, not just tonight.

Edit: Oops, forgot the link.


[color=red:5e05b80771][size=24:5e05b80771]MORE RAM IN THE BOX PLEASE![/size:5e05b80771][/color]




These are really nice - I bought two of the combos with the keyboard and this mouse, and it is very comfortable and has great range (I tested it from like 20 feet away LOS). It does not perform as well with the receiver under a table, however (maybe a foot or two away). The signal gets lost pretty quickly through dense materials. The mouse itself is very comfortably shaped, and the new scroll wheel is handy once you get used to remembering that it is actually there.

Not sure if you can’t get this nearly as cheaply at other online locations - I bought the keyboard/mouse 2.0 combos for something like $49 each…




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whats ram in the box?/?/?/?

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[size=18:e6b1075e2d]31 bucks on Pricegrabber … thats a free lunch[/size:e6b1075e2d][/color]


nice mouse, hope it has a good price


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Blah, not a bad mouse at all, but just can’t buy another mouse, just have too many already.


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on a side note i have one of these mice, or at least something similiar, paid like 40 something at bb, works very nice, i’ve never had to change the batteries


the one i used to navigate and get to this site is good enough…


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Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse with Tilt Wheel
With a free lifetime supply of batteries!!
$16.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Microsoft’s Wireless Optical Mouse is an award-winning optical mouse with a new design featuring unique comfort enhancements and is supercharged with Microsoft’s proprietary IntelliEye optical technology – the most powerful in the world. The new design leads in comfort and style, adding enhanced grip support, finger grooves and a new curvy shape to its signature grey and silver shell and glowing red underside.

Longer Battery Life
Finally, a solution to the top wireless hassle—now you can work longer without interruption. Many users experience six months of battery life!

Tilt Wheel Technology
The tilt wheel offers a whole new level of maneuverability. The entire scroll wheel tilts from side to side, acts as a button, and reacts to how quickly you roll the wheel to enable smooth, accurate movement through documents, Web pages, and worksheets. Working with data in a massive worksheet? Just tilt the wheel from side to side to scroll right and left, without having to find and click tiny scroll arrows.

Smart Receiver
Work wirelessly without intrusion. Take advantage of smart technology that automatically detects interference, so you don’t have to worry about interruptions.

Specifications: Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Tracking Method: Optical

Buttons: 2

Vertical and Horizontal Scroll

Power Supply Type: 2 AA Batteries

Up to 6 months battery life

Side-to-Side Scrolling

Smooth scrolling

Enhanced Accelerated Scrolling

Application switching with scroll wheel

Connection: USB 1.1, PS2

Software: MS IntelliPoint 5.0

MS part number K80-00038

Condition: New, OEM packaged (removed from original retail package)

included by woot:
Each MS Wireless Mouse includes a total of 27 AA batteries in a hard-to-open yellow case. In other words, we are throwing in a Charge-it multi-use power brick with each mouse – inside each hard to open brick (you’ll need a screwdriver) are 27 AA Rechargable Alkaline batteries :oops:






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