Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack

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Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack
$47.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Nice reviews at Amazon

Looks interesting. I have personally purchased this before and unfortunately must say that the quality of the wired headset is not as up-to-par as that of the wireless headset. I’d purchase one of those if you buy this.

ATTENTION FOOLISH PEOPLE! Not an actual Xbox. The other day my friend almost spent $30 for a 4 GB Harddrive thinking it was the whole thing

I’ve seen those hard drives go for as much as $70 for JUST the hard drive. Good deal here!

$60 with lots of happy reviews over at woot’s daddy site: Amazon.

I have an XBOX 360 60gb hard drive, and it’s more than enough for all your music…you could swap this one in and use it to turn your TV into a music player.

Then again, these only work with the older XBOX 360s.

I’ve had a 4gb since launch and it has always been a pain to keep a balance of stuff on the HDD and trying to delete what I don’t think I’ll need again. Seems like a good deal and a good reason to upgrade.

Would be a sweeter deal with a transfer cable :stuck_out_tongue:

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Xbox 360 60GB LIVE Starter Pack Review

I’ll pass. I remember buying a 250GB HDD for $49.99 a few months ago. I was lucky enough to sell my old 20GB HDD for $25.00.

Add an xbox360 and you got a deal

For this price you can get a 250Gb hard drive new at a lot of spots online…

Amazon has 250 for 74.99

Woot did it for ~50 in december

My point being that this is a bad deal comparatively…

You’d be better off buying a 250GB

They’d have to be semi-retarded to make that mistake…I won’t speculate about your friend…

new egg:

Just a heads up, this hard drive will not work with the new ‘slim’ Xbox 360.

I don’t want to start a console fight, but my PS3 has personally killed four 360s in single combat and I expect that this questionably valuable Woot deal won’t save your measly console should it come to war. What is a 360, but a miserable little pile of secrets? But enough talk. Have at you!

Technically, this hard drive is not compatible with the new “slim” Xbox 360 model. However, the actual drive is compatible it’s just that the case that the drive is in will not fit into the HDD enclosure on the Xbox Slim.

You can resolve this by (carefully) breaking open the case and removing the drive and inserting it into a Slim, as shown in this video: