Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack

Thanks, but - Wow! - that discussion was from November 2008. Exactly how dusty are these kits?

Woot. You’re killing me. I bought almost all of this yesterday. For more money.


Older models of the Xbox 360 (read: the ones that this hard drive is compatible with out of the box) do not have wireless capabilities. Microsoft sold a wireless adapter for a princely sum, but otherwise it needed to be plugged in to your router via a Cat5 cable. Network savvy users could use a second router in bridge mode as a substitute for Microsoft’s very expensive wireless adapter.

The current model of the Xbox 360 (the “slim”) has built-in wireless. That’s the model that the case that encloses this hard drive will not fit in, though the drive itself is still compatible.

So if you pay too much for it, then you’re… paying too much for it? Mmmkay.

You can auto-renew at the $60-a-year price just like if you pay every month. That’s what most people who don’t want to take the trouble to watch out for sales on cards do.

In any case, $30 is not the proper comparison for this deal because it’s not the price you’d pay for a comparable service. If you buy three months up front, it’s $25. If you pay by the year, it’s $60 / 4 = $15. If you wait for sales on cards (Amazon currently has 12 months for $40) it’s roughly $40 / 4 = $10.

Any of those figures ($25, $15, or $10) is an acceptable value comparison, depending on how a particular individual might go about buying a comparable service elsewhere. But there is no circumstance under which any right-thinking person would pay $30, UP FRONT, for three months of Live service. It’s a false comparison.

Quoting for further emphasis yet again…this HDD will NOT work with newer ‘slim’ XBox 360’s UNLESS you tear open the casing and stick the 2.5" drive in the empty drive bay.

It’s still cheaper here. Maybe it’s not much of a deal, but it’s the cheapest price online.

I’ve been meaning to ask…do you see in my eyes the same fear that would take the heart of you?

Any usb thumbdrive should work. Pop it in one in the front ports, go to system settings, find memory and copy the stuff you want to it. Change the hard drive over and copy onto new one. I think you have to format the usb drive for the 360(not sure, been a while) so id make sure no important documents are on it.

That sounds super smart!! Let’s toss in some foam - an insulator - around something which generates heat and is susceptible to high temperatures.

While we’re at it, why don’t we wrap a towel completely around our 360 to keep the dust off it, making sure to cover the vents so we can keep the dust out of the insides.

Give me $100 and I’ll give you a 12 month live sub. Save you $20!!

Or you can go to Amazon right now and realize xbox live gold memberships for 1 year are standard $60, but Amazon has a special right now going for $40:

You are correct, but, you can take the drive out of this enclosure and put it in the new 360. It will go in without a caddy, but I wouldn’t trust it that way. You can order the new xbox 360 hard drive enclosures on Ebay for about $5.00 though. That’s what I did with the drive I’m using now.

This is actually a really great deal. Xbox live now cost $9.99 a month. So with the 3 months xbox live card thats worth $30.00 alone. Pretty much your getting a 60 gig hdd and a Headset for around $20.00. Thats a Great deal in my book !!

No, not actually. You can buy the 12 month live card on amazon for 35 dollars. I just got one in the mail yesterday from them. so its not 10 dollars a month its 40 dollars a year.

Not bad. I guess…

whats with this—i came here to play crapshoot

This is true. I bought the 250G hard drive from woot back in December and did exactly this. Use the T6 and T10 screw driver to remove the case. Push the hard drive into the socket. Put in some crumpled pieces of electrical tape for stability and there you have it. Takes around 5-10 minutes, and it’s so easy a caveman could do it.

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Why couldn’t someone just buy a 2TB 2.5" SATA drive and hook that up to their XBox? These teeny little 60 and 250 gig drives are so stupidly overpriced I’m guessing there must be something proprietary about them that makes other HDDs not work as replacements.

Yep. If memory serves, using an unauthorized hard drive voids the warranty and can get you kicked off of Xbox Live as a TOs violation (because they assume that modifying hardware is a step on the road to piracy).

It’s hard to find a good Cat5 cable for less the $50 these days, I’m in for 3 just for the ethernet cable, anyone want to buy the harddrives from me?

Unless the harddrives will work with my Mac, anyone know if they are compatable?

In all seriousness, I’d suspect that new harddrives for the original 360 is going to get hard to find since I’ve notice that none of the box stores care them anymore and only HD’s for the slim. I see a day shortly when you can’t get a HD at all for the original 360 that isn’t used or refurbed.

If the HD upgrade is all you want, a new unopened Microsoft 250GB HD for the original Xbox 360 (not the slim) is only $54 on eBay from several reputable sellers and $59 to $99 from sellers.