Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack

We shall dub this woot-off “re-run”

Now where is my yellow tea-pot?

Left over from earlier this week.
Woot-off coming to an end?

can I put these in a RAID?

the end is near

A 36060 GB hard drive!? Nice!

Previous Woot from last week

I say we call this, and every, woot-off the opposite of winning; “Failing”.

Very bored with this woot-off. Probably best for my wallet though.

Bah. I don’t have the money for that. Maybe my BoC will contain it.

Love the write up (even for the 2nd time). It’s funny cuz it’s true.

Much as I love a good Woot-Off, I hope this one ends soon. I have to be offline this afternoon and can’t bear the thought of missing something!

Who’s the guy in the picture, looks a bit dirty…

The hard drive will definitely not work with the newest generation of Xbox 360s.

The Mic should still work however.
At least they wrote a new blog for it…

Wait, people still use Xbox 360s to play games?

Comes with an Ethernet Connectivity Cable. I’ll wait for two of them in the next deal.

I really do want to buy something, honestly.

Where are my cheap mp3 players and earbuds, my Woot! Overlords?

I think it would need to come with more than a 3 month subscription to make this worthwhile.