Microsoft Xbox One 500GB + Kinect & Game Bundle

Not a must-have, period: even if there were a lot of Kinect games, there would be plenty of games that don’t require it.

That said, I find it very useful for the voice control alone. The ability to control TV while working at my desk or cooking is great.

Kinect needs to be calibrated for voice. I have a clear voice but by no means do I talk like a computer, and the XBO understands me most of the time. Also, being unable to read a DVD has nothing to do with Kinect. A stock XBO needs an app installed to play DVDs and Blu-rays (which is ridiculous, but once it’s done, it’s done).

It should, particularly the USB flash drive option:

Just got a refurb Wii U, through nintendo. It’s great for the family! I will never need a system that the majority of games are 1st person shooters.That genre is played out!

Just went through my list of the top-rated XBO games. Less than half are FPS. That said, there is plenty of opportunity for innovation in that genre; whether we’re getting it is another matter.

How may of your top rated games are E or E10 rated? I wish there was less blood in games and more innovation that doesn’t involve killing and pointless violence

So, same bundle is $399.99 at Walmart, but a you can get a brand new system with the Master Chief collection, which is all the Halo games, for $349.99. If you want a XBOne, and you want decent games (because Ryse wasn’t a very good game) Go for the 2nd link.

Violence sells, its a power fantasy. That said, I find more innovation and unique mechanics in indie games, which the XBox and the PC are the biggest platforms for them. I just looked through my game list on my PC that I currently have installed, and close to 40% of them are indie games that would be right up your alley.

I’m not replacing my many 360s unless they add Windows Media Center support.

I’m not much of a console guy, but my son flipped his 360 for a PS4 and he seems happy - screaming into his headset happy.

This isn’t a very good deal. I picked my Xbox one that came with the Kinect & 3 games Assassins Creed Black flag & Unity, as well with a Dance central game for 449$ BRAND NEW! Woot can do a better job then this to motivate buyers!

The voice commands are great. I think there is less emphasis on Kinect games (since everyone complaint about them last time) and more emphasis on integrated voice commands. It is very easy to launch games by voice. You will love “XBOX record that.” I installed a 3 TB external drive and pretty much plan to buy all of my games digitally. 3 TB plus the 500 GB buitl is is plenty of space. Oh, and Dance Central Spotlight and Kinect Fitness are also good Kinect uses.

I got the same deal, plus with their exchange program you can agree to send in your old 360 and get $100 off instantly. I paid $225 for an XB1 with kinect, Halo MCC as my free game, plus Ryse and another free game.

This looked like a really good deal until I read all the 1-star reviews that appear legitimate; far too many reporting that the console stopped working within days.

This is at the very least $75 overprice. Wow.

I want the Kinect only for the fitness use, that’s enough use for me to justify the extra cost over just the console. It has p90x and Insanity and lots of free 10 minute exercises. During the workouts it highlights muscle use, gives tips to correct your form, tracks heart rate and calories burned, and scores your exercises. That’s badass.

But Woot caught me with my pants down on my budget, no funds for fun this month!

This looks like a great deal. Quite tempted.

The problem is, Ubisoft should be paying YOU to play Assassin’s Creed: Unity, it’s so broken.

Except that Assassin’s Creed: Unity can be had for $20 or less.

Yes. I use mine to play movie files off a USB stick all the time. Just need to download the (Free) media player app from the Xbox store.

If anyone picks this up and wants to trade Ryse: Son of Rome download card for a download card with Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Unity for Xbox One (extra that I got with replacement xbox) let me know.

Happy to mail it or send the code online if we can figure out a way to mutually exchange.