Microsoft Xbox One w/5 Games

Does anyone know if this comes with any kind of warranty??

90 day Microsoft warranty

Not to be a party pooper but you can get an Xbox one, 500gb WITH Kenect for $220 non prime or $250 Prime. Kenect is normally a $100 accessory. You can also get an Xbox one NEW with 3 games for $5 less than this one because of Woots shipping. Pays to shop around. Personally, Id rather have a new product(rather than refurbished) if both are practically the same price. As far as games go, if you join Xbox gold then your going to get several free games every month anyway. I had to add another tb to my Xbox one just to make room for said games.

Please, share links… i find it doubtful…

I think this is a pretty good deal even if I only want 2 of the games @ 25 a piece. The cheapest I found on amazon is 220 (refurb no kinect) so if I went amazon route I would be at 270… so here I get 2 games that I want and 3 games I might not play, but for only 255… not bad.

I’ve been keeping an eye on all the package deals everywhere for awhile, and we finally took advantage of this one when it was last up. Typically, the packages have included games you really wouldn’t want to play anyway, so while they may have been cheaper, you didn’t save much in the long run. I also kept a close eye on the Kinect options as I have been wanting one for awhile, however, when I started looking into it, it didn’t seem like it was very easy to find games for it. With game selection so minimal, I eneded up passing on it. We did already have to take advantage of the Microsoft Warranty, but was a painless process overall.