Microsoft Xbox Series S (512GB)

Microsoft Xbox Series S (512GB)

I can give $50.


How is this still on offer yet I couldn’t get Crayola markers FML


Maybe 'cause it’s almost $300 while the Crayolas were stupid-cheap?


Because the two are completely unrelated?

And I thought this will be gone in seconds…

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This is just white not many colors like a Box Of Crayola

I was expecting there to be 5 of these…wow, real inventory

Fun fact: We won’t sell anything with less than 10 during the woot-off because it won’t even show up on desktop because it sell out too fast.


Still can’t justify buying a “diskless” system, that you download everything. Then when it’s outdated and you move onto a newer system, sure you can sell this but you can’t sell the games that were purchased. Plus, when you get the newer system, the games you purchased and downloaded, aren’t compatible with the new system so you have to repurchase the same games.

So when you sold the Metallic Toucan Sam Funko Pops…


How long ago? We instituted this rule about 8 months ago or so.

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Nevermind. This was in 2020.

Good to know, but who cares about desktop.
Break Stuff No GIF

It still leads mobile/app so we do. HAHAHA!

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Someone’s got a way-long memory. And a WAY-long grudge…


Grudge? Nope. I got one then.

Actually, they had several listings. WootStalker only shows one of the listings.

Ah. You sounded pouty. And grumpy.

Then again, you often sound grumpy. Or is that crotchety?



Nah. I’m usually quite calm.