Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player (Black or White)



pricing for future reference

Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player (Black or White)
condition: Factory Refurbished

$99.99 + $5 shipping


I do love my Zune! I highly recommend these!


LOL… I got a brown one.

Hey, if you previously bought a brown Zune for $99.99, you can enter the coupon code BROWNNOSE for $20 off any order of $20 or more before shipping, on any Woot site.

Awesome… TY yet again woot!


The brown one on regular woot is cheaper lulz
What is the meaning of this?


Cheaper one on woot tonight
check it out


If Black or white is not your color and brown is, check out regular woot.


Oh woot. for shame! Same product on two pages? LAME!


this one definitely gives me the mondays… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links though… wheter you like it or not… so many better options out there… not sure if i’d settle on this… but its possible.


So a black or white Zune is $99.99 on Sellout.Woot, but the brown Zune is $79.99 on Woot? Interesting.


I just got my Black zune from woot the other day, and i love it.


Taken from the woot blog:
Hey, what’s your favorite color? If we’re talking about Zunes, it’s probably black. Henry Ford famously told his customers “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.” Here, we gave you a choice of colors, and you chose…black. Now that we’ve sold about 39,000 of these things, we’ve got a pretty good picture of the way we Zune today. And that picture is overwhelmingly painted in one shade of basic black.

Zune Sales By Color, 10/15/07

* Black – 6865 (66%)
* White – 2123 (20%)
* Brown – 1445 (14%)

Maybe this is why the price for brown is cheaper on regular woot!


WHO would buy this? WHO cares about the C O L O R ??


$20 more than the brown? Why?




woot has a refurb. But if you already purchased a brown one… you now have a 20 USD coupon code to use. Just interested how long the code is good for.


wtf? a more expensive item on sellout.woot than on woot? very un-ribs


Yup, no South Asian Zunes, only Black Zunes or White ones!


Found a site where it’s cheaper:

Oh, wait…


Well, when that color is “log brown”… eh…