Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player (Black or White)

About three years ago I spent $250 (on sale from 300) for my iRiver H10. It’s great and all, but I’d love to have a Zune instead. :frowning: Not going to buy another mp3 player.

As stated in every zune post… bought 2 in the past, my wife and I absolutely love our zune’s!!

both white, both brand new.

mother in law loves hers (new, white)
brother in law loves his (refurb , black)

AWESOME players!

If they would have sold it for $94.99 these would go a lot faster. I mean come on, at least make us feel like we are getting a better deal during the woot-off!

I did my part. I bought 1. I wanted the black one but hit white instead. Crap!

I bought one because they call me the MAC HATER at work!

so if i ask for tower speakers next…

Think they have another 10,000 of these?
Will this kill teh woot off?

It says “11” MS Zune… I wonder if that is correct?

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You have seen nothing yet.

I have to go to an AA meeting. Woot is driving me to drink.

are these legacy compatible?

Did you get the unlimited song’s Zune account? If so, can you and your wife use the same subscription?

Want, but cannot afford. I’ve already wooted! off three times today!

These Zunes will recieve updates so that their firmware is the same as the new ones, so you essentially get a second generation Zune for $100

If they are gonna sell crap, why not a bag of crap?

Can these be used as fuel? Does anyone know the burn rate?

Soooo cuuuute!

Look what i can do! i made a post!..damn canadians