Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player (Black or White)

Cool ! Me Likeeee!

No, it should have been Eleventy Billion!!1!11oneone

SO MANY refurbished zunes means these things are super fragile.

I still like the Archos or iRiver better. No special cables needed, no special software to access it, use it as portable hard drive, divx and xvid support, PVR… etc… I never understood iPod and Zune… Why people are so crazy about them when other players can do so much more…

This has probably been said before but…

They didn’t sell that many zunes in the first place. How is it possible for this many of them to break and end up refurbished on woot???

Resolution 320×240, vertical or horizontal orientation

i love this feature… heh. why would they even add the last part :wink:

anybody wanna trade a black one for the white one I have coming? Send me a pm

I’m not an mp3 fan, so I actually thought you guys wanted to zunes until I realized you were all kidding when it finally came out. D’oh! I figured this was going to sell out quick. I already bought most of my relatives Ipods last year.

I have seen one. Only one, though.

exactly. plus, pirates don’t need zunes.

Still waiting on my brown zune to ship from monday.

Uhm, let me guess: BECAUSE THEY ARE CRAP !!!1!

Blew your woot? bwwaaahaaaa

where the f is the BOC!!!


Want to know a way to pass the time faster? hold the windows key and the letter E down simultaneously for 10-15 seconds, and minesweeper will pop up!

In for 1

This will take all night…
Good… now I can go start another fire!