Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player (Black or White)


I really wanted that pocket knife

Damn you woot! I ordered my black zune on 10/5 and still haven’t gotten it! I’m fighting the temptation to buy another.

ha ha NO

wal-mart will trade you a can of black spray paint for 3 dollars

iPods are for conformist sheep.

Archos is where it’s at.

I am again trying to sync the one I bought last week for the 199th time. The software for this sucks. Your only hope is that Microsoft will make good on its promise to update the software and firmware on these when the new ones come out next month!

in for one… you’re welcome guys!

omg rofl wtf i pissed myself!

Many were erroneously returned by people who thought they received a DOA unit. It was actually a charging issue with the first-time charge.

I really should get one of these.

…In a really high pitched voice!

No joke. Mine is due tomorrow according to FedEx. If they would have just got it here a day earlier I may have liked it enough to buy another for my wife…

Darn this is almost as bad as the roomba

where are all this pics?

I’m sticking with my PSP and 4GB memory stick for now…

Want to know a way to pass the time faster? hold the windows key and the letter E down simultaneously for 10-15 seconds, and minesweeper will pop up!

and this is the sell price?