Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player (Brown)

zune 2s are sooooooooo much better…microsoft hardly even made the zune 1. As a zune 2 owner, it is one of the most fantastic mp3 players i have ever used/owned.

Someone at Woot has a really sick sense of humor.

Who, at microsoft, ever thought it was good idea to release a brown zune? were they freakin high?

seriously, Woot must have like a whole continent full of refurbed Zunes!

Up next… walkman tape player

ha! I knew it! I made a comment earlier today telling someone to wait for a woot-off and they could buy a zune, and here it is.

you should email them, they owed me a USB headset for 6 months I emailed them and finally got it a few weeks later


I am still loving the one i got umm when ever it was, but the belkin battery/case thing sucked. used it for like a month and it died. the zune referb and still working the charger/battery/case new and died in a month. wonder if it might have been the 18 hours a day i used it?

didnt they have a brown one for 79.99 for a brand new one not a re furb

That’s a new one: FACTORY Refurb.

i love mine got it on the last time on sellout.woot

bought one last time. black one. refurbed. works perfectly. it’s off the hizzle fo shizzle my nizzles. buy one. immediately. it’s worth it. you can DL the new software if you so choose and install it onto this one. but, for me, i just stick with what brung ya. i love mine!

OK, this is my prediction for the order of the next few woots in tonights woot off:

A roomba, another zune, another roomba, then 256 kodak cameras in a row.


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Capoeira mata um

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Onde tem marimbondo
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Quero ver bater quero ver cair

We love our Zunes… even the brown one. It works as well as a black one. It’s so silly to be hung up on the color of the thing. It’s as dumb as paying 140 bucks on a shirt because it says Tommy Bahama on it somewhere. Just dumb…

sold out in less than a minute
only 58 of them

I must need a super computer to be able to order one of these before they sell out. Great.

In personal experience I prefer Zunes over Ipods any day. I had an Ipod video 30 gb two years ago and it lasted for exactly 3 months then it gave me a sad face and it didnt work. However I’ve had my Zune since September and it was black and a refurb off of woot and it works amazingly. The price is amazing I got mine for 105 shipped. I lost my cable though so I’m half tempted to get it. FM radio is nice and so is the Belkin extra battery that attaches to the back and it will make your playback time reach new heights. I’ve gone over a week listeneing 3 hours a day listening to it while working at the library. Zune is amazing and now since it syncs with the XBOX 360 it makes life even better. WHAT GAMING PLATFORM DOES IPOD SYNC WITH? PS3??? nope 360??? nope Wii?.. nope. IPOD is a thing of the past. yeah iphones and i touch is nice but new technology is coming out like the LG Voyager which is much better, IPOD was nice when it was the only thing out. Now they are terrible. MAC’s only good thing right now is the Macbook Air cuz its amazingly small.

I love my brown zune. You might think brown is ugly, but it grows on you. And, if you can imagine it, the brown is somewhat transparent. Hold it at an angle, and there is even a hint of green in it. It’s a very interesting look.