Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player

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still the same price they were back when they had them on here a year or so ago?

Brown is baaaack!!! WOOOOOOT

Chuck: Do we carry any Rush CD’s?
Morgan: No, but not to worry buddy! I have every Rush track on my Zune.
Chuck: Wait, you have a Zune!?
Morgan: Pfft! No, I’ll go get my iPod.

Are these guaranteed to NOT screw up simultaneously?

4.7 stars from Buzzillions.

86 out of 100 from Alatest reviewers.,287/

we all have iPods already!


These are nice, but they are NOT Mac compatible.

D’oh, I already have one.

10 bux says it sells out in less than an hour

I thought it had been a long time since Woot! put a Zune up…

My ipod just broke. I am looking for an MP3 player that doesn’t necessarily need to play Video or show images. Note: I dont really mind paying more for an MP3 player since I use it so much. Is Zune worth buying? Is it reliable and good quality? Also, can you play it in the car while charging it with good quality music. My ipod had shotty quality through FM Transmitter.

Not me. I have Sansas.

Zunes are great for those with Windows Media Center… it will automatically transfer over tv shows and movies recorded in standard def for use with zune.

I’m glad you’ve remembered what you really are Woot. A Zune retailer. And that is all you’ll ever be. Pancakes.

What car kits?!? All I see are 2 for 1 calculators, and I don’t even need those to know that this is a recycled Woot with the same old price tag!

You know, my old clunker’s about to die, the hard drive inside takes a while to start. It keeps going, though, and survived its share of falls. What a trooper!

It shows its age, though. Looks like it can be used as a blunt weapon. A brick if you will. When will you have newer, sexier Zunes, woot?

#1 reason to buy a Zune instead of an iPod: built in radio tuner.