Microsoft Zune 4GB Digital Media Player

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Microsoft Zune 4GB Digital Media Player
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Microsoft Zune 4GB Digital Media Player

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Wow…I’m impressed. Its not a Sansa, but…

I’ll have to think about this one.

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Is it really worth $75? I’d buy one had it been $25.

Ooh, got an ipod, eh?

Old koontzy went with the zune – almost as good, not quite as well-reviewed, doesn’t quite get the shelf space an ipod does, but it costs the same, which is weird.

Always room for second-best, I say.

Butbutbut…I have my Sansas from Woot, and they have more diskspace and were far cheaper! Why is this better? Sansas ROCK!

If you’ve never experienced Zune headphones, you are in for a treat.

Hmmm…I need to adjust my monitor. The “green” zune is an “interesting” shade of green…

I will pass. But love the “description/comment” by woot.

I will stick to my Sansa Clip+.

Much better than an ipod… tell you that much.

id only want a touch screen or more storage, not small storage and no touch. no sale for me!

Not worth trading in my big old 1st gen 30gb zune. There will never be a time that walking around with only 4gb (or 8gb for that matter) of my music collection will be acceptable. Bummer.

I love my Zune, but I can’t imagine how I would fit my music and podcasts onto a 4 GB player.

Wow, I didn’t know they still made these. I haven’t seen an ad for them for years.

$17.5 a Gig for this zune

$300 iPod touch is $9.38 a gig (32 gig)

seems m$ strikes again

Grabbed the 80gb off woot! about a year ago for approximately 140. Couldn’t be happier. Zune definitely trumps iPod, as I’ve dealt with both extensively. If you’re in need of a media player, get a Zune.

Should you get this deal? There’s likely better out there.

Green? Looks more like baby poop on my monitor. I’ll bet the black ones don’t last long.

This probably isn’t a bad deal for a Zune. If I didn’t have an 8GB Sansa Fuze (that cost half as much, though it was a refurb), I’d seriously consider it.

I’ve got an 80GB and an 8GB and they’ve both held up extremely well. I got them at launch, and they’re still running strong. The 80GB I just took camping, literally played music continuously from 11am to midnight and still had decent charge left.

The latest Zune software is not too shabby either and has become my main music player.

Why couldn’t this be a Zune HD?

Anyways, how does the controls work? Are they touch sensitive or are they buttons only?