Microsoft Zune 4GB Digital Media Player

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Microsoft Zune 4GB Digital Media Player
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Microsoft Zune 4GB Digital Media Player

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Is it just my screen or does the green one look like the color of poo?

Green? sure it’s not gold or brown?

99% of posts will be about about how the green model is not even close to being green.

Consult your doctor.


It’s poo

Baby poo, yes

meme in the making?

Even though it says new, the warranty is only 90 days through woot. I bought one of these the other week and the warranty through microsoft had expired. This shouldn’t be listed as new if it doesn’t have the 1 year manufacturer warranty.

You also need to leave it plugged in for an hour before it turns on. I think Woot has had these on the shelf for too long.

Previous woot was $10 more:

To clarify, September 16, 2010

Product Website

Didn’t we just have a 4gb zune woot in the past month or so?

YouTube review

Unboxing with one hand

water repellent?

5 minutes? You’re slowing down in your old age, lol.

Is the FM tuner HD capable since it displays some song titles on some stations? Maybe the w00t editor couldn’t be bothered to find out and be more clear!?!

Can I just drag and drop the MP3s on my hard drive onto the Zune or do they need to through some type of conversion program first? Also, will those video goggle thingies that Woot oftens sells work with this?

+1, although he really was looking at the other woot website.

Do they even make a “sports” mp3 player?