Microsoft Zune 4GB Digital Media Player

darn :frowning:

bah, goodnight

Heh…I was just thinking, “we haven’t seen a Zune yet.”

Maybe I should start thinking, “we havent seen a second Bandolier of Carrots yet…”

Is this thing any good? I’ve been wanting an MP3 player, and this plays videos too.

$15 a gb is an incredible deal. take it from this guy. buy, buy, buy.

That thing’s got what, an 64x64 pixel screen?

This is by far the best and most hilarious item description I’ve ever read here, and I’ve read thousands. If I had disposable income, I’d mail a fat ass tip to the writer for that one. I’ll pass on the Zune though.

Argh, I was too slow.

Stupid Credit Card Security Code…by the time I got it out of my wallet…Sold OUT!!! BAAAHAAA. And my little girl was wanting a MP3 for Christmas. I hope you enjoy it you evil bastards!

Got two, woot! Not a bad player or a bad price.