Microsoft Zune 80GB Multimedia Player Woot Info Post
WWWD - what would do?

Microsoft Zune 80GB Multimedia Player [New] - $139.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Microsoft HRA-00001 Black Zune 80GB Digital Media Player

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Microsoft Zune 80GB Multimedia Player
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Microsoft HRA-00001 Black Zune 80GB Digital Media Player

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nice, shipped ground

hahaha 2 mp3 players back to back? If i didn’t already have one i would have jumped all over that sansa :slight_smile:

Will this work with Rhapsody?

Now THAT looks like a pretty good deal… it’s not even a refurb. Too bad I love my iPod.

And yet we add another comment while waiting for something that we have not yet purchased.

This woot-off will prob be like that last one. 15 different laptop/netbooks, no desktops. But, at least its better than 5 different vaccums

Had one, enjoyed it, but wouldn’t buy it again. Zune software isn’t that great and the apps are non-existant.

HRA-00001 sounds like a refurb…

Good thing they said it was new, or maybe they are just lying to us, maybe… hah

Have had my Zune 80GB since it came out in '08. I love this player to death and have never had a problem with it. They downplay the screen but its really phenomenal. It’s a glass screen that is scratch resistant. After years of pocket traveling this is still my go-to player and is in the condition it was in when I bought it. Battery lasts forever and it plays extremely nice with my 360.

I’m just sayin… seemed a bit too good to be true :confused:

Just got one of these about 2 months ago (paid $20 more on e-pay…refurb). I love it! The software is fantastic and the sound is great! I traded the headphones for a sound isolatiing pair which I am sure you’d be able to pick up today!

My 30GB zune is fantastic, but unfortunately, the PC software for it is AWFUL. B/c of that, I would not buy another zune.