MicroVision SHOWWX Classic Laser Pico Projector



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MicroVision SHOWWX Classic Laser Pico Projector
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Good Deal. $159 over at Amazon


Will these be good for home theter? I have wanted 70 inch or more. Thanks!


Here’s a nice video demonstration



Surprised to see this on Woot! Infinite focus (no lens) due to laser light source.

No if I could just get some friggin’ sharks with some of these friggin’ projectors on their heads!


10 whole lumens! Looking into this will be like staring into the sun. . . after the heat death of the universe.


When I saw “laser,” all I could think of was projecting a mouse around my apartment instead of a red “laser” dot for my cat to chase. Is that cruel?


I dare you to find use for a 10 lumen projector anywhere besides a pitch black room.


so what’s the biggest, useful, picture you can get with this thing?

for example, if i put a white sheet on the back of my house, could i invite neighbors over for movie night? or would the picture be too small?


Found a favorable review.



Techies: Can I run PowerPoint presentations with this?

Accountants: Can I write this off?


What inputs does this have? My phone only has micro HDMI out and my ipod touch only has the 30 pin connector out. I need to know if it will work with both these.


Here’s a review.

[From Mod: That manual is for the SHOWWX+]

Edit: Ooopppss, wrong manual… it’s late. Taking out user guide link.


Your first problem would be too dim.
At 10 lumens think more in line of your basement with blackout curtains covering any conceivable light source, like say the luminescent hands on your wristwatch.


At 10 Lumens not likely. You won’t be getting anything in this price range for home theater.

Positive reviews on Amazon though, could be good for office use or camping. Plus that it recharges from USB.


Will it mount on a tripod?


The reason these are going on sale all over is that there is a new model with increased light output (the showwx+) that’s replacing this one. I’ve seen this model in action, and while you won’t be able to go too big on the display in a brightly lit room, these are a lot brighter than the 10 lumens figure lets on and the picture is razor sharp. They are also capable of running on external power if you leave the charger connected.


Looks pretty darn bright for 10 lumens. Maybe the laser directs all the light into the picture rather than having it diffuse like a regular bulb.


Can I hook speakers up to the projector?

I give presentations that have sound on occasion, so that would be a huge plus.