MicroVision SHOWWX Classic Laser Pico Projector

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MicroVision SHOWWX Classic Laser Pico Projector
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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there were only ten?!

there is a god!

I think soneone pushed the button because Santana was getting beat up so bad


wooooo! no more staring at that hat!

guess what’s going to be in the bag o carp… :wink:

Bought one of these two Woot Offs ago, they’re great except for multiple complaints about the iPod cable not working. I emailed MicroVision and they sent me a new cable for free and it worked like a charm.


Good price if your into this sort of thing.

Thank God that hat is gone…how about a BOC before I go to bed, woot? (Plllease???)

Soooooo, sooooooooo, yeah

Aww, just when I found the commercial for the last hat like that I had: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xe3tfg_wendy-s-jazz-caps_lifestyle

I got this projector a few months ago on woot. It works wonderful in dark rooms for a big picture and great for about a 12"-15" picture in regular lighting. I most recently used it to project a movie on the middle seat on an airplane ride. Great Deal

“High resolution (WVGA 848x480) brings out NOOOOOOOOOOO details”