Mid Level Electric Airsoft Rifle Set

Anyone know anything about this, company or model number would be nice!

Sale has been updated. Hope that helps!

I’ve been playing airsoft for years. This would be a very good gun for CQB (indoor) play for a new player. I wouldn’t try to use this if you prefer to play in the woods.

Before you buy it, check with the FPS limits of the airsoft facilities near you. In the Atlanta area, where I live, they usually allow guns that are 400 FPS or lower. Some places keep the limit at 350 FPS though, which would mean that you wouldn’t be able to use this without modification.

Between my kids and I, we’ve had 3 JG brand guns, and they have all held up well to years of occasional use. (3-4 times per year)

Thanks to the update and the review I’ve pulled the trigger on getting one!