Midland Emergency Radio w/NOAA & S.A.M.E.

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Midland Emergency Radio w/NOAA & S.A.M.E. [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Midland 74-250C Emergency Radio

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Just what everyone needs, a radio that only gives you bad news…

these radios are all the SAME

i was looking to get one of these for my house upstate. sweet.


and… 2 hour nap coming up.

S.A.M.E. is great, it gives you “specific area” warnings, watches, etc. You look up your area which is typically a county and code it into the radio. After that you only hear alerts for your specific area. Very useful.

so is it battery operated, rechargeable, what?

Product description FAIL :stuck_out_tongue:

Decent radios. I have two. I keep one in the car for traveling the Midwest and the other is in the household emergency kit.

SAME works well, but you need to keep a list of codes if your traveling so you can change the default entry

That would be great for backpacking, but I won’t be hitting the trail anytime soon.

Battery life sucks, avoid

Mine just went off! It said there is a crappy product on Woot!

These radios are great to use when camping, and for minute by minute updates on that serial arsonist.

I’ve got this radio. It’s good, nice and loud when there’s a warning, easy to carry. My only complaint is the battery life isn’t stellar, especially if you leave the alert mode on 24/7 (which, admittedly, isn’t necessary when it’s sunny and calm).


In Northern California that “bad” news could be heading your way. But the freeze warning is nice, may save the lives of a few flowers.

Adam says, “This is going to be a woot-off killer!”

More Holocaust Survival tools. Do these Texans know something we don’t?

45 bucks and 2 1/2 stars at Amazon.