Midland Extreme Action Camera

Hmmm…I should put one of these on an actor sometimes for a new perspective on doing a play. The action cameras are always so tempting.

Not that I’m basing my buying decision on if the batteries are included or not… but under “features” it indicates they are not included while under “specs” it says they are.

May be a stupid question but this says it takes up 32GB microSD card. OK, here’s the stupid question: Does microSDHC work with this camera or just microSD. Is there a difference between SD and SDHC?

Here is a sample dashcam drive video.

Short video commercial from Midland

Hmmmmm, I’ll send an email to get that fixed tomorrow. Thanks!

Update: Already heard back. We removed them from the specs but there’s a possibility they may ship with the product. We don’t see them in the picture though so we’re gonna play it safe.

Good Catch! LOL! Which one is it?

This would work as a dashcam for your car as well just in case if some moron hits your car and tries to blame it on you.

HC stands for High Capacity. All 32GB SD cards are SDHC.

Can’t figure out if there is stabilization or not.

Imma’ hold out till Woot sells some more Swanns or at least some GoPros for a change.

SD cards are not available in that size; they only go as big as 4GB iirc. So SDHC it is.

If this has a CMOS sensor(which it almost certainly does after looking at the video posted) this is definitely something you don’t want to mount directly to the handlebars of anything. Due to the scrolling-capture of a CMOS sensor, you will get a very strange wobbly, nausea-inducing effect to your video.

Though it’s not very noticeable in the video posted above, you may want to search youtube for “CMOS vs CCD” before buying one of these.

I don’t really understand why “action” camera manufacturers continue to use CMOS sensors, vibration makes some of the videos almost unwatchable. Even the GoPro cameras are prone to this. Not “Pro” by any means.

Amazon @ $50 and pretty well reviewed

Also, water-resistant case available for $21

And a differ dash goosenecky mount

And a visor clip

^^ This


Woot has offered GoPros in the past. Just not today funfortunately. I’d keep an eye out though, they might make an appearance during a future woot or more likely during a wootoff.

Anyways just stopping back to drop off the manual for your viewing pleasure.

As always uploaded to my google docs for easy viewing/sharing.

XTC? This will be perfect for taking video at the next rave I go to.

Funny, I just got back from a night ride and was thinking about how amusing it might be to mount a camera to my bicycle, since I’m a fool and don’t wear a helmet. But I’m thinking the only person vaguely interested in watching my boring journeys–save those near collisions with punks in cars who think it’s funny to cut off, throw things at, and yell obscenities to cyclists–should be myself; and well, I was already there.

Micro SD cards go up to 32GB. I just got one for my Liquid Video Goggles that I got from Woot.


That commenter wasn’t saying that they don’t exist up to that capacity, what he meant was that after 4gb they’re not called SD anymore, they’re now SDHC (like the one in your link).