Midland Sports Camo Action Camera

$74.52 at Amazon with 4 out 5 stars review.


Here it was from when sport.woot was just a baby

Q: Woot you claim the camera to be weather resistant on the features page but I can’t find that information in the PDF manual or spec-sheet on Midland website.

I am guessing weather resistant means it will work till the weather is good :wink:

Will the camera work if it rains a little and gets wet.

The Midland product page references “Weather Resistant” as one of the key features.

Hope that helps.

I bought the non-camo version of the XTC-100 from woot. I put a 32G Micro-SD card in mine, so I can store about 8 hours.

It’s attached to my motorcycle helmet. I recorded a few HOURS of video on Thursday and uploaded it to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0779195E872CD0A9

These videos include riding to work in the rain in the morning, riding into the City of Chicago in the evening, and riding home at night. I’m hopeful these will help in determining whether this Woot! is what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the videos,very impressive! I thought there would be a lot more vibration/shake than there is in your clips.My SIL has an ATV and a boat so this may make a good Christmas gift.

Forget the camera, how do I get one of those hard hats!!

Thank you for posting the videos. They were very useful. Amazing quality for a $40 camera!

The camera seems to work very nicely with surprising visual results. Only downfall I ‘hear’ is it seems to not have a wind screen on the mic and you get a lot of wind noise. But for this price, seems like a good deal. I have a set of googles Igot from woot that do a good job and the wind screen works very well. However, I paid a lot more for them. Thanks for the link. Really shows what this thing can do.

Cindik…how do you have it attached to your helmet?

Nice videos Cindik! I wonder if I could attach it to one of these Kelty packs I just picked up off of Woot for backpacking…

I bought a camo camera, set it up but now I can’t find it! Oh well!

I ordered one of these action cameras last time they were on woot for my husband to play with. The price was great but I didn’t expect very much when he took it on the boat fishing with him but I got a shock when he put the 32G Micro-SD in his computer. The video was clear and the sound was good so I felt like I was on the fishing trip with him as I watched the video. The main problem that he has with this camera is that he can no longer lie about the one that got away! LOL

Almost the same joke as in the Woot video.

Quick,someone talk me out of buying one of these.

Great videos.

How long do the batteries last ?

I see no mention of this camera having the capability to take ‘stills’, so I presume it’s just a camcorder for taking ‘motion’ pics…
correct? I suppose this camera doesn’t have a motion detection capability either… correct?

I had my heart set on getting a GoPro HD HERO camera, but after watching some of the videos on this I couldn’t resist the price. I just hope this lives up to my expectations.

Ha! Love the product video! “The only thing actually I didn’t care for too much about this camera is that it seems to repel fish. I can think of no other reasonable explanation why two expert anglers like those seen in this video would fail to catch their limit”