Midland Sports Camo Action Camera

Does the camouflage have any sort of guarantee? I’ve got some top secret recording to do…

Yay! I’m first sucker!..wait, that doesn’t sound right

Congrats, sucker! :tongue:

Amazon Lists it for $75 (http://www.amazon.com/Midland-XTC-150VP2-Action-Wearable-Handlebar/dp/B003VUCHXO)

Anyone know if this will do time-lapse shots?

I’m guessing this doesn’t have image stabilization…?

Real quick:
Previous woots (Don’t know if it was $39.99 then):


My comments back then, edited:

In the meantime,
Product webpage:
with support page:
but no manual I can find.

I only have time to link video to woot field test, but other videos in the previous woots:

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Gander Mountain currently has this model for sale for, $119.99! I bit on one of these 8/25, here for the same $39.99 asked for on this deal so I feel great about what I paid. You can find the Gander ad here,


I purchased it as a gift for my son to use on his Motorcycle. As it is a gift for him I have not opened and operated it so I can not first hand state anything as to operation but, the demos one of the wooters put up in the discussion showed some pretty good results. It is ultra small and will fit in the palm of your hand. The worst thing I can say so far is it comes packed in an open faced blister box. Looks like something from the toy isle at Wally world. As a gift I wish the packaging did not look so darn cheap. Also I would prefer the non-camo model but can’t find it for less than $99.95 and I am sure not going to pay that for it.

My husband bought this for me a couple of months ago and i thought it would be a crappy camera for the price. This takes amazing video. I had it on my 4-wheeler for 6 hours. Everyone that saw my videos were amazed. I only had to change the batteries once and even then I did that because I didn’t want to miss any footage. I have a 32 gig memory card in it. Definitely worth buying.

Here are my comments from before, including a video taken while mounted on a gun:

He posted another video somewhere, I will have to see if I can find it - it is longer.

Bought one the last time to give as a birthday gift but have not got together with the birthday boy yet. I want one too but was hoping to get a review from said birthday boy before buying another. Any Wooters have one of these and if so what do you think ?

No time lapse - just on/off video recording. I have one from a previous woot. It is super light. The need for image stabilization is very low when you have a wide angle lens like this one does. The wide variety of mounting hardware is useful. I recent use my X150 on the end of a pole to look at a wasp nest inside a fireplace box after I had sprayed it to see if they were all dead before I sent in the vaccuum hose. They were NOT dead and the camer did not seem to bother them…

I see @cindik attached it to her motorcycle helmet. I would like for my son to be able to attach it to his snowboard helmet but it doesn’t have a visor. Any suggestions on attaching this to a helmet?

I bought a few of these, but I keep losing them in the forest. They just blend-in too well.

Been looking for one of these. Now I can act like a cop with a dash cam and record the license plates of bad drivers.

it’s $2 cheaper at Yugster

While this particular model doesn’t come with it, Midland does offer several mounting kits that can be purchased. They do have a helmet strap mount as well as a goggle mount.

I do own this camera and am happy with it, considering the price. Its a no frills camera, one button to turn it on and off… that’s it. Video quality is what you would expect at this price range.

It’s a 40 buck camera.

It’s a 40 buck camera.