Midnight Mobile Madness: July 12 - July 16th, 2021

There was no wait. It was gone almost as fast as the weighted blankets

So no crappy bags tonight for those that didn’t get it?

Make it better stuff though lol

Didn’t you learn anything from 2020? They are not riots, simply peaceful protests.

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Did people
Get boc this week for not getting it ? I didn’t if that’s the case ! Lol

I don’t know about buying @davejlives. I don’t think I could afford to pay his tab at the liquor store.

But, yes, please do this again.


Ask him about the Fallout Shelter 4 Bundle fiasco…

wait… is today the last midnight madness…or is there one tomorrow…?

This was the last one for this event.

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There’s still another 17 cent t-shirt, though.

Let’s hear it! Love when you tell stories

The only thing I’ve had 100% success in getting (so far).

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It was a different event, I think.

Another poll

Quality of offers.

  • Terrible
  • Enh …
  • Meh but fun enough to participate
  • Decent

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Decent is the best option provided because we’re aware we can bar raise these even more.

I’ll be offline.

facts GIF

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I know. I was stating it for the benefit of others.

Honestly, I don’t really care what the dollar deals are. I tend to give away what I buy, anyway. It’s just fun to try to get them. Well, usually. When the servers are behaving themselves.


I tried and got the white walker screen of death last time :cold_face:

YEA! Frogquin free Friday!