Midnight Mobile Madness: July 12 - July 16th, 2021

farewell! its been fun…until the next midnight madness

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I’m going to go ahead and assume that the charcoal grill is probably the best MMM offer we’ve had so far.


The first rule of 17 cent t-shirt club is you don’t talk about 17 cent t-shirt club, now everyone’s gonna join in on the fun!


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I got that one! :w_happy1:

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In 2019, Woot sold the Fallout 4 PipBoy Edition as part of a Woot’s Totally Fantastic event.

Some people got opened bundles (since they were sourced from Amazon), and the games were missing.


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There was a grill …. For a buck ? :eyes:

I mailed it off to Goodwill.

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A small one but yes.

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I’m offline frequently.

Well ill be Mortimers uncle ! :monkey_face:

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There was a Kindle one time. Also pretty good!

Ah. Okay.

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Lol not that kind d of crappy bags:

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Is the Frogquin off line enough for you?

I traded that in to Amazon, and helped somebody save on a Kindle.

(Actually, I once opened a trade-in, but forgot. I did it again, and they offered more money.)

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I think the Drone was a higher ticket item, and definitely the fastest MM sellout I’ve seen (didn’t get one myself).

It was this one:

The rice cooker was pretty damn cool, too:


That’s funny right there !