Midnight Mobile Madness: March 8th - March 11th, 2021

I’m a reseller and originally just felt I was gonna sell this to a coworker since shipping cost would either cut into profits or be less profitable if buyer paid such shipping cost.

After reading you don’t even have Prime. I feel bad for you that your not feeling fortunate. I will just send this Basics Charcoal Grill to you if you pay me a small $5 and get a prepaid label for 13.30 lbs product with outter 3.70 lbs = 17 lbs Total weight and Dimensions of 26x22x17. Now, if you feel comfortable and it actually will save you shipping cost. I could send it without outter Amazon over box to save 3 lbs of weight and Dimensions of 21x21x9. Let me know and if agreed PM me.

Had to look it up as I’ve no idea how to spell it. Or pronounce it for that matter. Just in my “reading vocabulary”.



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I think he meant “Concierge” (who does not help with luggage, but will help you with directions and reservations to a wide variety of activities while at a hotel) - a Consigliere is an advisor to the head of the Mafia, which would be an entirely different job description, LOLOL :joy:


@SylvreKat If that resume doesn’t work. You could use visitor or guest concierge followed by


Mine arrives tomorrow (Monday), now I am excited. If I cannot find a grill at DG for a penny, at least I found a grill at my old friend Woot’s house for a buck 7!


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Oops. All I can say is I typed it pre-caffeine. And obviously didn’t read the definition adequately. At least gave you some amusement.


This is for a $1 Woot charcoal grill. Not propane. Charcoal only.
I have a nice propane grill & a large pellet smoker.
Adding charcoal to the mix.


Hey all, I forgot about this thread because of the BoC thread.

  1. I did apply. I did NOT say I was a Consigliere. Somehow I think the police dept would not look favorably upon a Mafia advisor… :joy_cat:

  2. I think the application didn’t actually go through thanks to a glitch in the site when I clicked on submit. I looked up HR’s # and left a (probably too long) message explaining what (didn’t) happen and asking if she could please confirm receipt of my app. Waiting to hear back now.

  3. My stepmom & I have determined that I am not a patient person. I am already antsy that HR lady hasn’t called back yet. DO NOT PESTER HR WITH REPEAT CALLS IT WILL ONLY SSIP HER. And result in the same as if I’d called myself a Consigliere.



( @StefanMakaSL1MSTEF -uh, I can’t PM you 'cause you’re too private)

Those two shoes couldn’t be more different hahahaha I guess she throws on Vampire Diaries when she’s feeling naughty lol

Shows too lol

About grills… Gotta tell ya. We have 2 electric grills they are awesome!
I think I got one here on woot. Char Broil Patio Bistro. Plug it in, easy clean up. Yum. Now I wanna grill. The other was similar and just as great but, my daughter stole it.
Unless I missed most of this convo and ya’ll talking indoor grills… I have more opinions on those lol. I’m sure your holding your breath. :blush:

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This must be some fancy grill. USPS wouldn’t delivery it to my house because “No Secure Location Available”.


The box is kind of huge (something like 26x16x20 or close to that), even though the grill itself isn’t. It’s a grill in a box in an even bigger box. They were probably afraid it would be too tempting to passersby.

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I hate when Woot packages come USPS. At first they were leaving them at my back door, which I hate because it is harder to get to with mobility issues, and not protected from the elements. Front door has a covered awning, but there are 3 small steps they need to walk up :roll_eyes:.

So I put a note on the back door, for all packages to please be delivered to the front door.

Next package is left in front of the garage (again, not protected from the elements).

So I put the same note on the garage.

Now they are leaving packages on the far side of my car, right on the driveway.

I’ve really not wanted to escalate this to a supervisor, but I’m pretty fed up at this point, since I KNOW they are seeing the notes, and actively choosing to not follow instructions. :rage:


They know about the Alexa sprinklers.

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Don’t be afraid to file a complaint online. They’re doing it on purpose and need to be called out for it.

I finally got fed up because he didn’t want to walk up my nice steps and put the mail in my nice big mailbox. It’s probably the only thing in his job description. I’m guessing he’d hit his head one too many times jumping off porches.

Anyway. It got results.


Mail carriers are fun. Some are wonderful and really go the extra mile but some can just be complete duds. My mom used to get a medication sent to her about once a month that had to be signed for and our mail carrier complained every single time because he had to walk up our driveway and knock on the door. He usually said something about wanting to be in Hawaii instead. Trying to make small talk with him was like pulling teeth. Everyone I’ve talked to about him to had bad things to say but he’s still out there working, as far as I know.

One of my brothers is a mail carrier and he’s great at his job. He knows all the dogs’ names on his route and people give him some nice gifts each year because they like him so much. One of ours here in town saved a woman’s life because she noticed she hadn’t picked up her mail and found her (saw her through a window) lying on the floor unable to get up. But the other carrier never noticed if we didn’t pick up our mail, or he simply didn’t care.


Our mail lady is fantastic. Our youngest tries to see her everyday. He just had a birthday and she got him a gift card.

As far as the grill delivery goes I suspect it was the end of the day and they didn’t want to bring it. The notice said an attempt was made and a note left but my cameras say otherwise. It’s that or they were at the wrong location.


What I don’t understand is how in some neighborhoods the carrier has to walk to every single mailbox yet if a car is blocking access to my mailbox they won’t get out of their truck and walk 3 feet to deliver my junk mail.