Midnight Mobile Madness: March 8th - March 11th, 2021

It’s nuts!

I miss the mailman we had when I was a kid. He’s awesome.

But yeah. Some are great and others couldn’t make it folding tacos.


Well, your kids probably booby trapped the mailbox.


I used to have amazing carriers - UPS & USPS; both female and middle-age to older. Was on a first name basis with both, made small talk, petted my pup, and went out of their way to provide good friendly service (and they both always got great holiday gifts to show my appreciation).
But then I lost both of them around the same time - one retired and the other went out on a permanent medical.
Since then, the new drivers are both young’ens, and do not seem to care about the little niceties… I can understand that, since I’m sure they are on time constraints and for some folks, it’s hard to be friendly to strangers (plus add in Covid distancing, for the past year). So I give my UPS guy a pass, since he does his job well, even if it’s not the friendly service it used to be.
The USPS driver gets no sympathy whatsoever, and I pretty much laughed at the “note” they left at Christmas time, hinting for gift… :roll_eyes:


Fed Ex does this to is. Leaves in our driveway. We can’t see it and don’t get notifications. Thankfully woot n Amazon and practically everyone else leaves on the front steps. Flippin’ FedEx and everytime, the stuff arrives damaged HULK SMASH FED EX!


Seems to me as Yello has suggested possibility look at tipping the delivery drivers. My packages are no longer being damaged. The carriers are actually ringing my video bell and not just getting caught with motion-activated alerts.


FedEx GROUND is usually independently run and none are the same. Luckily my local Feds I know from work. They know I need packages prestige. So, most of the time they are. Although, I don’t get many FedEx parcels. Amazon, UPS and USPS make up the majority 85-90%.



I think some new mail carriers, especially USPS, have a bit of a challenge adapting to the time constraints. I didn’t realize until someone told me not too long ago, that they really have to hustle. Especially since they carry many more packages vs just mail. Some use carts. But it’s kind of non stop nowadays. That said, cutting corners isn’t really part of the job description.

Walmart uses a courier for their deliveries and sometimes they’ll put packages in front of garage door. No heads up that items have been delivered. In a community of townhouses and no real driveway, it’s not good. Especially if you’re leaving and not expecting a box to be practically right behind the car…


Yeah… no. Tipping for good service? Sure.
But I am not going to reward bad behavior, or be shaken down for a tip in order for them to NOT do something simple and within their job description, that I am expressly asking them not to do.

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