Mighty Kite Mini-Kite

Yes, the woot off is over. So you can all log off and shut down your computers until 1AM EST. Hehe.

I also got 3 of these in the last Woot Off. They really are cute and fun. Worth the $5.03 for sure…

[QUOTE=beespajamas, post:282, topic:168510]
4 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/4 inches wide…/quote]

That’s what she said.

Snooze you lose!!

Right. How about Zune?

it’s not over till the bar goes away


we all know where they’re going to end up…


You should have gotten the rolling luggage for her to pack her stuff in.

I’ve also had problems in this woot off - sometimes having to try to order 2 or 3 times before it takes. Hope they fix whatever it is that’s up.

I hope there is a next - I want a 3 day woot

No! The Lights are Gone!!!

Dear God in Heaven…you’ve been a member for a year and a half and you still have not a clue?

<span class=“txtIrcMe”> * neener13 beats her head against her desk repeatedly.

Oh, and I am not actually here…I was just wandering through the room and am now wandering out again…cocktail hour started five hours ago…

Oh snap…Good one.

picked up a set for the kids next door. Really cool kids…


come on people give up $5.03! It’s only 1 tank of gas!

it’s not over till the bar goes away!


took 3 for the team!

This must be the end… Ended the same way a couple of woot-offs ago. Or, maybe last time…? Can’t remember