Mighty Kite Mini-Kite

damn its over and i missed the bag o crap


everybody is lost for words

nice kite!

I got these last time. Theyre awesme.

Roooomba! Rooomba!

Got these on the last woot off, the shipping makes these not worth it.


The end is near…

This was the final item on the last woot-off. Took them forever to ship it, too.

aw the woot off is almost over! :frowning:

I’d buy a couple, but the shipping kills it. :confused:

kids were not impressed with these from last wootoff

this is the end?

Think this ended the last wootoff.

last woot-off item?

Got 3 of these last time. The dog ate them. Is this where woot puts up a whole string of 1 cent items to close out the wootoff?

This is crap…

This looks like it’s gonna be the last item… :frowning:

These would go well in a Bottle Of Cabernet.