Mighty Max All-Purpose Cart


Do the instructions come with any periods, or is everything being shouted at me?

Good One! Yes!

I love it that the manufacturer is logged on here and answering questions live! If only every maker of stuff would do that! I call that GREAT customer service and I think I’m going to get one of these. I see in the photo you can sit on the base to garden but I would think a cushion might improve the experience…I mean an extra cushion, I have a rear cushion of my own! :slight_smile:

it is a nice perk to be able to interact directly with the people who can answer questions and address concerns. kudos to the folks who take the time to brave the wily threads.

Okay, my first real question on this product.

When you are using it as a dolly, how do you keep the item on the cart? I mean, if you are on a level surface, that’s fine, but what if you have, say, a mini-fridge to pull up an inclined sidewalk? If you put the end pieces on, and that mini-fridge is resting on the bottom end, would that not cause it to snap off? I need a dolly with the capacity to handle more weight than the little one I have currently, but I see a problem there.

Just expand the cart up to 7 more inches. Expands two different additional lengths. The End Walls will not snap off. Makes a great furniture dolly. Carries a side x side refrigerator easily. Use tie down cords for smaller loads!

Thanks! If we offer a full Limited Lifetime Warranty, we have to make sure our customers get great direct customer service!

Love this little cart! I like that it can expand out further if needed to haul larger items, and putting it together might have been the easiest assembly I’ve ever done. Seriously, if it took 5 minutes, it was because my dogs were trying to help.

Anyone who purchased this round seen any tracking info?

I ordered something else with the garden cart and was emailed a tracking number earlier in the week. I received the order today and it only included the other item.

Woot is probably waiting for the carts to ship from the manufacturer.

Update: Just received tracking number for the cart, should be delivered next Tue.

Three carts arrived promptly. Great appearance and easy assembly. But, one small piece broken in shipping and NO Hitches included. So, Early this Saturday morning I called the manufacturer in Texas leaving a message. Within the hour Jack at Mighty Max called me, heard my request, and assured me he would send all I asked come Monday. I am happy. WOOT got a good price, and Mighty Max is providing a good product and excellent support.
Ron in Missouri