Mighty Max All-Purpose Garden/Lawn Cart

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Mighty Max All-Purpose Garden/Lawn Cart
Price: $109.99
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Condition: New


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Sears has a couple of good reviews


Lot’s of comments from when this was offered in July

Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about Mighty Max

My yard is anything but flat. I need a new rugged cart to haul firewood, gardening supplies, etc. as my last one disintegrated after too much abuse. It needs to work on hillsides, bumpy old brick paths, and maybe even occasional stairs, though I can usually work around those. How would this hold up? All the videos and reviews seem to come from Flatland.

Just give us a try! The cart and wheels were designed to roll over all kinds of terrains! With a 5 Year Warranty, how can you go wrong?

I see from a previous sale that this item used to come with a lifetime warranty, and now only has a 5 year warranty.

Is that guy in the video a giant, or is this a miniature wagon?

The description says it can carry 1/3 cu yd of mulch, but the dimensions don’t seem to support that. Is that just if it’s mounded up a lot?

Also I’ve been meaning to get a wheelbarrow just for mulch/general yard work. Is this a good alternative?

Has very solid reviews, anyone know where you can purchase additional tubs, or do you have to buy multiple carts?

Why doesn’t this one have Radio Flyer on the side of it?

Bought one in a previous offering. The 15-second comment: It is a well-made, sturdy, rust-proof wagon.

We use it all the time. It works especially well for fall cleanup (Our trees drop branches like crazy).

The wide plastic wheels go over exposed tree roots and the like very well. The wide wheels go through muddy areas without bogging down. And it cleans easily with a strong hose stream.

Plastic made it through the winter without cracking.

While I am purchasing it primarily to use in the yard (cleanup branchea, trimming, leaves, etc). Does anyone know if the wheels will work on sand at the beach? I’m thinking of replacing existing beach cart. Makes it easy to haul everything to and from beach.

“Capable of being completely submerged in water for usage”

Wait, what? WHY would someone need to do that?? I can’t think of many reasons to have a wagon at the bottom of a pool…

This would seem to indicate no.

I have one of these carts and use it for everything from hauling heavy furniture to yard debris. Works like a charm. No rust, and that is a plus because I live in a salty, humid area. The wide wheels assist in going through all types of terrain and I think would hold up well to sand.

The Mighty Max Cart makes a great wheelbarrow and dump cart, and holds the equivalent of a small to standard size wheelbarrow. The warranty is 5 Years on all parts!

Clearing up a pond? Maybe a Koi pond?

Let me be another to give this cart a huge thumbs up. I bought it here on Woot, July of 2013.
I use it for firewood, furniture & heavy stuff, and gardening.

I leave this outside, in the rain and the sun, and have done so for as long as I’ve owned it.

It might be dirty, but it still works as good as the day I put it together. I love the fact that I can just leave it outside and use it when I need it. I couldn’t do that with the wagon this replaced (I tried and ruined it).

And most importantly, I actually had a need to deal with a warranty/customer service claim. The customer service was outstanding.

I had a part fail so I called the company. The president of the company took my call, asked for some info from me, and handled the problem right there. He even called me back to tell me my new part was coming.

He said the part should not have failed, and attributed it to a manufacturing issue on that batch. He sent the new part at no charge.

If you’re reading all these posts because you need a cart like this, just go buy it.

It’s common practice to pitch your lawn furniture and other lightweight outdoors stuff in the pool when you are expecting a high wind event like a hurricane or tropical storm.

Or maybe it’s a sponge diver.