Mighty Max Cart Utility, Black

Picked one of these with the John Deere Green wagon/bucket attachment last Fall. It was my first Woot after a few aborted attempts coming every 12 months or so the last four years. This place used to scare me. I didn’t understand it until reading about Daddy Bezos buying and Disneyfying the loony bin. Wish I wouldn’t have been such a wuss. I would have enjoyed it if I’d only caught on.

That being said, as much as I would have been into the cult of woot as a communal experience, I LOVE it for pure capatalistic Game Hunting (my sport of choice).

This place rocks.

As does this little wagon… It, like me, is made in Texas and is So cool that being manufactured in the USA is pretty far down the list of reasons to buy.

I HIGHLY recommend!

How much was the one with the top?
I purchased one without anything - just flat base for I think $69.99
I would have liked the top container though never saw it offered.