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600C All Purpose

600B Sport Utility


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A handful of solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) can be found over at amazon

While it may be a great cart, the description of

is unlikely. Thats 9 cubic feet. The listed dimensions for the tub are 6" D x 18" W x 31" L. Not going to hold even close to 9 cubic feet, not even in 2 or 2.6 cubic foot (64 quart) bags.

You can see our main video above.

Please excuse the error about the 9 cubic feet. We fixed the error but it did not get on the final ad. We hold about the same as a standard wheelbarrow in dirt, mulch, or sand. Good Find!

Because when it comes to tires, we all know that size doesn’t matter. snicker

Got one of these the last time around. Seems to be a good product, well made, and rustproof. The dumptruck-like feature is extremely useful.

An $85+ double decker plastic wagon. They are proud of their plastics.

The Mighty One approves.

I had one of these before this company had their patent and before they had this name.
Before we moved across the country, I sold it, thinking I wouldn’t need it on a smaller property/smaller house.
I miss is like I can’t even begin to tell you.
I used to use it to bring in groceries from the car, I moved furniture with it, I used it in the yard, for big cleaning projects, etc. It was one of the most useful buys I had ever made.
I miss it. If finances weren’t so tight I’d be buying this right now. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until we have the money, but I guarantee, I will have this cart again someday!
Also, a piece on the handle broke of mine and when I contacted the company, they replaced it for free (including shipping) and sent a few additional parts along with it! The customer service was impressive.
Don’t delay! You will get LOTS of use out of this cart!

My Radio flyer is jealous

Construction: Space-age polymers

It’s always funny to see items listed as ‘space-age’. Guess it was invented after the 60’s.

I priced wagons on the ‘other’ site, wagons really are expensive now-a-days! This may not be such a bad deal…

And… Made in America! Impressive!

Also… Made from Space-Age Materials!

Thumbs up. Bought one last time Woot offered it.
Used it for:
The beach for week, super loaded.
Hauling tools.
House painting, with a 5 gal. paint bucket & srayer.
Groceries from the car trunk to the kitchen. My most favorite use!

I purchased this cart last time around and love it.


I bought a garden cart at Home Depot believing I had a great buy. (shown in below url) It didn’t have any of the features of the Mighty Max, but ignorance is bliss.

I paid $89 for it but shortly thereafter had to cough up another $68 for new wheels. (The pneumatic tires that came with the cart would go flat in 2 weeks or less, so I replaced them with solid rubber tires) The entire cart is made of metal and is heavy…very heavy! Moreover, IT RUSTS!

After reading this, you may have a better idea of just how good a deal this actually is.


Not necessarily.
The Space Age has a specific birth date: October 4th 1957.

I purchased last time they were offered. It works well, is sturdy and strong enough for yard work and hauling stuff like groceries. Easy to put together. It is steerable which is better than the metal framed collapsible carts.