Mighty Max Flatbed, Caddy, & Garden Cart

I’ll never understand why “garden carts” have the same wheels as go-carts. We all know how well a go-cart goes through grass and dirt.

The list of what’s in the box says only the cart but the picture shows the cargo racks and the tub etc. The other listings itemize out whether the tub is included or not. I’m assuming everything in the picture is included?

Yes, everything is included; the patented expandable flatbed cart, the removable tub, (2) Cargo Walls, (1) Tool Rack, (2) Fishing Rod Holders, and (2) Bungees, You get all of our accessories in one box!

Since our carts make excellent garden carts, and also make a great beach cart, soccer cart, fishing cart, and many other outdoor carts and caddies, we designed our wheels to traverse all kinds of terrains, even able to roll under slat water and not damage wheels or cart!