MII Flashcam Tactical Flashlight with Built-in Video Recorder & Night Vision

“rose pedals”? Aren’t you supposed to put rose petals on the bed?

To bad no one had this Flashcam in Sanford, Florida…


That’s the bicycle scene.

So, I’m jogging along, wearing my glow-in-the-dark PakTrax and my self-reflective vest, and I come across a situation needing a little light shed upon it. I which out my MII Flashcam Tactical Flashlight with Built-in Video Recorder & Night Vision cam/light and start recording!

Before I know it, the bad guys are chasing me. I don’t slip (thank you PakTrax) but they have no problem following me, due to my glowing, reflective garb…

Note to self: Pick one, either don’t get run over, or go stealth for recording the next big “Gotcha” video…

Yeah, I tried it … embarrassed

If only George Zimmerman had one of these rather than a handgun…

that is almost funny, but a little dark too.

The bar is moving very slowly. They must have lots of these!

This are priced to move

Crew served flashlight! Bought one of these from Woot a few months back. This thing is giant.

Why do you need night-vision if it has a flash light?

With the infra red I’m thinkin another tool for my ufologist tool box.

+1 (From ORL so I know WTF u are referring too)

I’m tempted, I really am. But a 4 D cell flashlight with additional weight and length for a view screen and crazy buttons to boot?

“Hold on just a second there Mr. Bear. No, don’t move, just stand there. I’ve gotta get this 20 pound fancy flashlight out of my backpack to see you in the gloom and record you.”

Yeah, that’s going to be useful, and it’s only slightly less than buying a functional pair of consumer or early gen NVG’s. Hooray? On the flip side, if you do have this and run across a bear you can always use it as a drop weapon. You know, drop it on the bear to knock it out.

Totally irrelevant question, but how is this Woot Wage calculated? anyone knows?

Thanks for the link. I live in the woods and something like this makes sense here–except the 2005 tech with no Win7 drivers.

I have CNN on and they won’t stop talking about it.

Don’t forget your LED bike helmet…

In for 3. You can never have too many useless gadgets.